DEV(c) and Vibease: Moving into the future of #SexTech

Monday, 31 August 2015

The crisp weather is already here, signaling the end of summer. A time for preparing for the long winter ahead and at The Manor we are preparing to make your hibernation a very steamy and sensual time.

We have exciting news! Several upcoming releases of our experiences will now utilize the dynamic technology of Vibease! A vibrator that works with your smartphone, Vibease software, created to be used in long distance relationships, is now being used with audio books to create vibration patterns while reading your favorite sexy stories. We have taken it one step further; DEV© with a kick. We have teamed up with Vibease to have them program the smart vibrator to work with some of our Directed Erotic Visualisation© experiences. We will eventually have the ability to program the audio experiences ourselves and we look forward to exploring this stimulating new venture in sex tech and bringing you even more pleasure than before. If you currently have a Vibease vibrator, simply download the Vibease Fantasy Marketplace app and look for our free experiences from eSensual Books. Read what the Vibease Blog has to say about DEV(c).

Our new releases have been very popular and we have several more in the recording and editing stages-- Including a new Vampire experience from Essemoh, a 3-D threesome from Essemoh and Jezebel and much, much more! 

You have asked for more free experiences and we have granted your request. This month we offer Pleasure Cruise for Men and Orgasm Command for Women. Check out all the free selection videos on Genevieve Ash’s YouTube channel or download the audios from our website FREE content page HERE.



Our ‘Voices of DEV©’ competition is almost over, but you still have a few days if you want to submit to us. Please check for all the details here and send us your sexy sound bytes.

Mercury in Retrograde? Personally, The Manor has experienced phone, IPad and computer issues and then the dreaded server outage! Again we apologise to our listener’s that experienced download issues when our server took a 24 hour break-down…luckily all is back up and running smoothly now.

We are also working on a new monthly newsletter chock full of all the latest news pertaining to pleasure, a new loyalty rewards program, and a preview of our newest book ‘An Owner’s Manual’ a guide to better sex.

Practical Research will finally be released next month and the sequel, Captivating Research is in the final editing stages. Make sure to check out this often humorous, and always sexy, look at erotica in a new light.


As always we look forward to your comments and suggestions.

DEV©: Making the World a better place one orgasm at a time.