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#Eroticon2015 was celebrated by many great writers, sex bloggers and all around terrific people. Genevieve Ash and Essemoh Teepee were there to represent eSensual Books and have brought some great ideas back to The Manor.

In reading over tweets and Facebook comments, the theme of many seems to be the remarkable sense of community that pervades the cocoon of the Armada House during the event. Strangers are not that way for long and old friends are just as if we had seen them yesterday.  Sex positive, people positive well, just positive all the way around!

Writing, publishing, recording - is not magic and not always glamorous, it is hard work. Work that we love, so, we share the good, the bad and the ugly of what we do to stay current…not that we found any ugly and the only bad was that it ended too soon. There are many links included in this post, but well worth checking these fine folks out if you have a chance!

Ruby Kiddell @Writesexright works tirelessly to ensure the event runs without a hitch, as it did once again. There are also countless faces behind the scenes to assist and all are a valuable asset to the experience.

A broad selection of sessions made it almost impossible to choose this year.

The day started with an eye opening discussion on the Erotica Publishing Today and delved into what the future might hold. We heard from a well-respected panel about how we need take back our genre and make it ours by owning who we are. We are on board with this at eSensual Books, always concerned with delivering the most quality product available.

Hands on events included; Lick it and Stick it with Violet Fenn, a Kink Craft session that allowed folks to design and create their own cuffs, The Psychology of Rope with DJFET, and Building Tension in the Kink Booth with the fascinating Molly Moore and @Domsigns.

Sessions on Writing included; Critique Sessions with Cressida Downing, Cover Art with Jane Gilbert, Molly Moore’s expert session on Photography. Self-Publishing was discussed with MK Elliot, Girl on the Net talked about how to make a living ”writing about shagging” and Ruby Kiddell managed to find time for a session on the importance of crafting a perfect newsletter.

While the romance blossomed with Ashley Lister’s workshop on Erotic Romance, Janine Ashbless’ Fantasy writing and Crafting Creativity with KD Grace and Lily Harlem, on the dark side we learned about Exploring Dark Erotica with the sharp Stella Ottewil and the exquisite agony of Jouissance with the always thought provoking, and dynamic, Remittance Girl.

Michel Knight was on hand to help the ‘not so tech savvy’ (no names will be mentioned but…) to increase traffic on their websites and a session on Internet Security with the help of Molly Moore. Jonathan Keith gave us some great tips on recording in his Dirty Talk session.  Later, we had a wonderful opportunity to practice our craft in Jonathan’s recording booth which was sponsored by Vibease and the incredibly lovely Hermione Way, who graciously volunteered to ‘Experience the Fantasy’.

#Eroticon2015 sponsors were also on hand to demo their latest products; and we had an opportunity to meet with them to discuss future collaborations. Hot Octopuss, Love Sex Love Toys, Doxy, Pasante, Mystery Vibe and Vibease.

The excitement of the day was when Essemoh found out he was the winner of the Pulse Duo II from Hot Octopuss. Keep an eye out here for a forthcoming review of this incredible new technology in male pleasure


And of course the final event of the day, Readings and High Tea is always a nice, if not a positively civillised send off as everyone says just one more goodbye, gives just one more hug.

Meals were shared, friends were made, and the sounds of not only brains sizzling  trying to absorb all the great information, but also the sound of laughter and joy filled the space as a group of very different people with many similar interests, banded together to make merry and hopefully,  good work in the future.

We are busy trying to assimilate all the great information and incorporate it into our work. We have a lot of exciting new ways for you to experience pleasure in the pipeline so keep checking back.

Don’t forget the Voices of DEV contest is still open so send your auditions now.

DEV©: Making the World a better place one orgasm at a time.





Thursday, 6 August 2015  |  14:10

it was lovely to get to talk you both properly this year and I am glad you enjoyed my photography session


F Dot Leonora
Sunday, 9 August 2015  |  2:10

this is a fantastic round-up for all the goodness of this conference