DEV: World's first Virtual Sex Toy

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Tired of dragging out the ropes and handcuffs? The smell of latex and rigidity of hard plastic leaving you less than satisfied? Exhausted after a long week and just want to relax into the pleasure?

DEV© is the World’s first virtual sex toy! All you need to do is breath and relax …well, the experience may require you to have an orgasm or six, but I am sure you agree that is not a hardship for most. So, we cant take all the credit, the experience is a collaboration after all!

We have heard from countless listeners who are in awe over how the mind can spoof the body in to believing the fantasy is real. Read their comments here. Orgasm after orgasm flowing through them as the narrator whispers in their ear. The simple beauty of DEV© is that with very little preparation you are able to enjoy many different fantasies with just a click of the play button.

Essemoh Teepee, creator of Directed Erotic Visualisation© explains why DEV is such a powerful experience; “The sex feels real, the bondage feels real and the scenes in which you are placed feel real. All it takes is some easy breathing teamed with gentle suggestion to create a subjective reality where virtually anything is possible. Your mental sensory filter is triggered by virtual signals that are indistinguishable from reality. Even the memories from the experience seem very real and can be called up to relive the pleasure time and time again!

With all the recent news about ASMR, ‘barbershops’, robotic prostitutes and virtual reality contact lenses, we have only tapped the surface of what the mind is capable of. New ways to experience pleasure through the vast possibilities of the digital age will explode over the next decade as our society becomes even more ‘head down’ and less physically interactive.

In a recent article from TeleCrunch, Dan Kaplan talks about the impact of Virtual Reality porn and Teledildonics ( yes, it is real – dildos which are controlled from anywhere in the world that someone has the remote or proper software) he says, “If you think it’s hard to imagine someone actually strapping on a VR headset and a connected sex toy just to have virtual sex with a porn star, then it’s likely you haven’t imagined hard enough. The key to VR, remember, is “presence.” The more effectively the software and hardware work together to convince your mind that it is there, the more immersive and intense the experience becomes.”

He goes on to explains presence like this; “The difference between virtual reality and every storytelling medium that came before it is something called “presence.” For those unfamiliar with this term, presence is what happens when you are immersed in the virtual experience in front of you. In its ideal incarnation, your mind accepts the illusion that you are there.”

And this is precisely what makes Directed Erotic Visualisation so unique, immersing yourself into the experience and feeling the presence of your lover simply by using the power of your mind. We are not suggesting that DEV© is an alternative to a healthy sex life with human interaction, rather a complement. It is a great form of foreplay, a unique way to spice things up with your partner and an alternative to solo masturbation. We have also had great success with providing pleasure to those that may be physically unable to engage in sexual interactions.

Sex toy reviewer, The Carnal Queen, has posted an informative, unbiased review about Directed Erotic Visualisation© on her website and you can read it here.

There is still time to submit your sexy auditions for the Voices of DEV competition. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to become an aural eroticist and spread pleasure to many.

In an upcoming blog we will be talking about “How far can DEV© take you? “A special DEV© experience was created for a listener entitled: 50 Orgasms for your Birthday. Are you willing to rise to the challenge? What is your personal best? Please leave comments below about your experiences with DEV© or through our contact page . Remember DEV© is the safest sex there is, but always know your limits.

DEV©: Making the World a better place one orgasm at a time.