Better Sex, Masturbation May and new Experiences-Oh My!

Friday, 15 May 2015
Spring has sprung and summer cannot be far behind. Here at the Manor we are looking forward to the long, warmer days, but continue to develop new and exciting experiences just for you.
Our latest line of Better Sex audios is in production and we are playing with the technology of 3-D audio to enhance the experience. Along with the audio experiences, we are hard at work with a companion “Owner’s Manual’ to guide you on your journey toward Better Sex.  We will also be blogging and podcasting our helpful hints and the latest news on sex and intimacy. 
Your suggestions for DEV experiences have been heard and we are near release on several new audios. Happy Ending Massage for men, Cuckolding, the long awaited second series of the popular ‘Impossible Lesbian Lovers’ just to name a few. Keep your suggestions coming—or just keep coming, both makes us happy here at the Manor. Knowing that at any given moment hundreds of orgasms are occurring thanks to our DEV experiences, helps to keep us motivated.
In honor of May Masturbation Month, a snippet about getting to know your body and self- exploration from our guide:
“The appearance, shape, and size of genitals vary from person to person as much as the shape and size of other body parts. There has been much controversy surrounding designer genitals. Is my pussy pretty enough? Does my cock look impressive? Manscaping, vajazzling, surgical correction or purely aesthetic plastic surgery. And this just in: Vagacials! A facial for your vagina... Rest assured that our differences make us special. You are special and so are your genitals.
The very best way to understand your body is through self-exploration. Turn up the lights, grab a mirror and delve in.  Once you know your own body, you will be better able to ask for what you need.  Of course the single best way to understand your body is to masturbate regularly. Mix it up, try to choose times when you are not always aroused, so you can vary the approach and experiment.
Filming yourself or using a mirror can also be helpful to understand how your body reacts to different circumstances. Don’t forget to check your facial expressions through different levels of arousal. You may be surprised at the intensity of desire in your eyes. It is good to want pleasure in any form it takes. 

Adult films may also be helpful, especially if you choose a site that has amateur options. Slick, big production, films are full of people with perfect genitals (see above), perfect hair and perfect sex. Or so it seems. Remember they do this for a living- and it is far from perfect- sometimes downright impossible for us ‘lay people’! Amateur films vary from the basement to the bedroom, so find a level you’re comfortable with and use it to get an idea of how wonderfully unique you are. You might find a new trick or two to try out on your partner.’ 

The most important part of learning about your own pleasure is to have fun with it. It is ultimately about enjoyment. Masturbation and sexual release serve many purposes, but sometimes a wank is just that, a wank and that is always a good thing.
Check out this Directed Erotic Visualisation experience if you need more encouragement; Directed Masturbation 
You’ll have to excuse us now, it seems we have an urgent need for more research on the subject…
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