Erotic Author Spotlight at Cara Sutra

Monday, 13 April 2015


A special thank you to Cara Sutra- sex blogger extraordinaire, for hosting Genevieve Ash and Essemoh Teepee in the Erotic Author Spotlight this week. Make sure to take a look at her website-, a one stop shop for all your sexy needs or wants. About Cara Sutra: The Best UK Sex Magazine. Multi award winning sex blog, including Xcite Books' Best Sex Blog 2012 and Best Erotic Journalist in the ETO Awards 2013 and 2014. BDSM Mistress, Daddy's girl, sex toy reviewer, professional copywriter, Eroticon 2014 speaker and Creative Director of

eSensual Books is thrilled to have this opportunity for Genevieve and Essemoh on the site. They are talking about their novel Practical Research, the first in a trio of novels in the Research thread that they are collaborating on. You can even read a hot and steamy excerpt of the soon to be published first in the series.

The newest release in the line of Better Sex Audios is on the shelves and ready for you and your partner to experience. Touching Couples: Oral is a sensual experience that takes intimate exploration a step further on this journey of passionate discovery.

Touching Couples is currently produced for heterosexual couple’s to increase intimacy and awareness, we are working some additional titles for the more adventurous that take the intimacy to the next level and beyond-- with a little kink added in! Keep checking back for more info on the Better Sex Owner’s Manual and companion guides.

As always we sincerely value your feedback and are working to develop a similar product for gay couples.

The ever- popular Cwtch audios are remastered and now available! The latest in the series, Cwtch Woodland, a brand new experience, is a real breath of fresh air; spend the day with your Impossible Lover in a leafy glen, a babbling brook beside you as you relax in to passion.

Several new DEV experiencess have been completed and are in the editing stages, including our very popular lesbian series. Keep sending your suggestions for new experiences and don’t leave without your orgasm. Why would you?

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