No More Sex by 2040!

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

No More Sex by 2040!

By Essemoh Teepee

Britain’s National Surveys of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles (NATSAL) are among the largest and most detailed scientific studies of sex in the world to date.

Three NATSAL surveys have been carried out so far: in 1990–91, 1999–2001, and 2010–12. According to the latest survey, if current trends continue then the average UK hetero couple will have NO SEX AT ALL by 2040! In case you think they will be masturbating like crazy instead, think again. The same survey would suggest that rates of masturbation across the board are not increasing, though twice as many guys get off by their own hand than women and those rates are pretty static whether they are in a relationship or not.

There is a pile of others stats that if you are interested you can get a summary HERE

There is even a book, Sex by Numbers that explores the survey in more depth available from Amazon.

What does the study suggest is the reason for this fall off in so basic a need as sex? The Internet, what else! 'Our over-connection with the digital world may be leading to less connection in the bedroom.'

We have all seen it, the 'Heads Down Culture' of Smart Phones, Tablets and now iWatches. The very latest sex toys are WiFi connected so that you can get your partner off even if they are a continent away. All very well if you can't be together for a good reason, right?

But I see couples together in restaurants, instead of touching each other and making delicious eye contact, they are texting! Who? Each other; or are they posting how they feel on Social Media instead of telling their dates how hot they look?

Don't misunderstand me, I adore the 'Net, I have had a great many amazing experiences 'at a distance' that a few years ago were utterly impossible without current technology. DEV(c) played a big part in those experiences and in fact was developed as a way to make Long Distance Relationships (LDR) even more intense and satisfying. (I will have some announcements on developments in this area and programme of 'Events for Couples' in the future; watch this Blog.)

But while such things can be an exciting and powerful enhancement to sexual satisfaction, there is something very special about the feel of hot, naked skin against yours, the intimate, complex taste of a lover on your tongue and the sensation of their flesh in your mouth.

The Touching Couples/Couples In Touch series of special DEV© based audios are designed to bring partners together in new and adventurous ways. The audios take them through mutual experiences in ways that they may have not considered or be too shy to ask for. The first audio, Touching Couples: Intimacy has been on release for some time and worked well for many hetero couples, click HERE for more info.

The second audio in the series, Touching Couples: Oral does just what it says, brings going down on each other and sensual oral play to the fore of foreplay. (Release date to be announced very soon.) I would love to hear from our LGBT users if they would like something similar for their intimate enjoyment of each other?

However, not all of us have the good fortune to be close to someone when we need and crave some intimacy and sexual release. DEV© can make a big difference. My favourite feedback quote from a DEV© user is "I feel like have just had hours and hours of wonderful sex!"  Who wouldn't want that?

If you have never tried DEV©, never allowed yourself to Experience the Fantasy then you don't know what you are missing.

Don't leave without your Orgasm! Checkout the FREE experiences and over 100 audios available here to choose from that will suit whatever your taste or desire may be. Don’t miss out on your chance of erotic satisfaction.

The DEV© Top 20 - Which is your favourite?

2015 has gotten off to a great start with a bagful of new products to excite you and a lot of activity on the site with literally thousands of you finding out more about what DEV© can do to increase your satisfaction. The Big Thing so far has been the Introduction of Modular DEV© for Women - Have It Your Way with half the Top Spots being taken by these innovative and super-hot experiences. The rest of the Top Twenty, chosen by you have been pretty evenly divided. What we do know is that while we design DEV© Audio Erotic Experiences with a gender or orientation in mind, you listeners like to mix things up and try out different sexual points of view.

We know from feedback that some Trans fans also like to use the Hetero Male and Hetero Female audios and get a lot of pleasure from them.

Again from feedback we know that women enjoy listening to the Gay audios and a lot of men buy the audios designed for women.

We guess sex is sex and intimacy is intimacy, there are no hard and fast rules in DEV©. Sometimes DEV© audio experiences can give a unique insight to users that they can then bring to their own sensual and intimate relationships. We would like to hear from all our listeners with their ideas of what they want us to produce for their particular pleasure, so please get in touch.

Here is the Top Twenty for the first Quarter of 2015 - (Click on a Title for more details)

1 Hyper Arousal: Modular DEV for Women

2 Aftercare: Modular DEV for Women

3 Sleep with Me

4 Standard Induction: Modular DEV for Women

5 Going Down: Modular DEV for Women

6 Sex with Me (missionary): Modular DEV for Women

7 Directed Masturbation: Modular DEV for Women

8 Double Fantasy

9 Arousal: Modular DEV for Women

10 Gentlemen's Club

11 Denial of Orgasm

12 Naughty Girl

13 Tasting You

14 Taken Hard

15 Body Work

16 An Invitation to My Special Place

17 Naughty Nurse!

18 Giving Head: Modular DEV for Women

19 Cowgirl (LS): Modular DEV for Women

20 Spanking (Over The Knee): Modular DEV for Women

Try DEV© for yourself and don't leave without your Orgasm!