The secret is out!

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Wow! We have been incredibly busy here at the Manor, creating exciting new experiences for you to enjoy and we want to take this opportunity to thank you for the overwhelming response to our new and remastered products.

The secret is out; DEV© is an experience not to be missed!

With over two million downloads worldwide, a conservative estimate suggests that DEV© has been responsible for more than six million orgasms. That’s a LOT of positive Karma. (We expect Essemoh, Jezebel, Nightingale, Mollisme and Lila to start glowing and levitate any moment now!) We are always looking for new voice artists to join us and share the bliss.

Not simply an audio story, nor trance hypnosis, DEV© is relaxation with guided daydreaming and visualisation using expert imagery which puts you in the very heart of the experience. Listen for yourself and discover the erotic ultimate in hands-free orgasm. Let your mind take you places you have only dreamed of, places that will bring you erotic sensation and the ecstatic pleasure of release.


For about the price of a night at the movies you can put yourself in your favorite fantasy, experiencing all the sensations in real time. Want to have an explosive orgasm?  Of course you do! Why not hit replay and have another, and another... Over two million listeners can’t be wrong. Make sure you don’t leave without yours!

It’s not too late to subscribe to our latest serial novel, 365hours by Max Sandford and our DEV Mod©, Remastered DEV© classics, and XXX experiences are all still available at insanely discounted rates through March! Buy now and save before our standard prices go back in to effect in April.

We hope you have had a chance to try our new Better Sex audio, Touching Couples. The next installment is due out by the end of the month. Try DEV© with your partner, you will be glad you did.

We are also working on creating new immersive DEV© experiences similar to ASMR and the ‘barbershop’ audios using state of the art holophonic microphones to enhance your satisfaction even further.

Don’t forget to check out our free experiences.  The latest offering, The Bear which is for gay/bi-curious men and a free Lesbian experience will be posted this month.

New releases, our Voice of DEV contest and exciting news updates still to come. Keep checking back, follow us on Twitter, friend us on Facebook and don’t forget to share with everyone you know telling them how DEV© can enhance their lives.

DEV© making the world a happier place: one orgasm at a time.