Experience DEV with your Partner

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Not sure what to do on Valentine’s Day? Why not spice up your time with your partner by trying a selection from our brand new line of Better Sex audios, the Touching Couples Sessions.

Touching Couples: Intimacy, The first in an ongoing series, this session is about intimacy and sensual connection. You will come to know the power of touch, the intensity of desire, and the simple pleasure of being together. As you listen, you and your partner will be encouraged to intimately explore one another. Your focus will be on your partner’s sensations and pleasure. You will learn to listen to their body, anticipate their needs, and relish the experience of giving them extreme sensual pleasure without an end goal in mind. All you are required to do is to relax, listen and just let go.

Touching Couples, takes the experience to a deeper level. While you and your partner are visualising the sensations you will also be experiencing the power of your touch as we guide you on a journey of sexual exploration. Experiences range from intimate connections to increase your awareness of your partner’s sensation and yours, to more intense sessions that include an introduction to BDSM and anal play.

Communication about sexual needs can be difficult. Secret fantasies and desires can be challenging to express. Not sure where to begin? Choose a session that interests you, lie back, and press play--it is as simple as that. The freedom in being instructed leaves you open to surrendering your fears—after all you are only doing what you are told!  Ultimately, the sessions are designed to bring you and your partner closer and create—or renew, the intimacy that is essential to explosive sexual experiences.

Touching Couples; In touch with Pleasure


Note: The Touching Couples series was designed with a heterosexual couple in mind. These audios are designed to be experienced by couples together, with both partners listening to a different, but synchronized audio channel at the same time. They work best with the use of ear bud type stereo headphones that you can split apart so each partner can have an earpiece to listen to their audio channel. These audios are not a passive experience. You are guided and directed as you get closer and follow our advice to enjoy each other to the max.