The Countdown: 365 Hours to go!

Sunday, 1 February 2015


The Countdown begins; 365 Hours to go…

Just in time for Valentine’s Day; No Grey – Just Black!

Sometimes the bitterest pill is also the hardest to swallow but makes you feel so much better in the end. We offer you a tale so darkly erotic, so wickedly dirty it is best taken in small doses. 26 doses of our latest serialized novel, 365 Hours by Max Sandford spread out over one year. Easy, portable doses perfect for a quick fix. Take them along on your phone or kindle for the times you might only have a few minutes to spare. Let the pressure build between episodes as you follow Nicolette's journey to its surprising yet satisfying climax. 

A beautiful young woman wishes to be swept off her feet and gets more than she bargained for in this darkly thrilling and extremely explicit tale of abduction, human trafficking and the power of sexual submission. Sometimes the chains that bind us are the only thing that will set us free. Nicolette and her captor discover in the depths of despair and humiliation that other bonds can grow, but broken promises can be costly, who will have to pay the ultimate price? A moment can change our lives forever. For Nicolette that moment lasted two weeks, fourteen days —Three hundred and sixty-five hours.

Join us for the Valentine’s Day release of our newest serial, 365 Hours by Max Sandford. Over 20 episodes released over one year. Subscribe to the entire series for only $ 9.99 here and enjoy an almost 50% discount on the single story price! By subscribing you will also be given access to the 365 Hours extras page featuring commentary, reviews, an interview with the author and plenty more to fuel your fantasies.

As if that is not enough, if you enjoy a good mystery be on the look-out for clues on our 365 Hours Extras page to unlock the secret bonus prizes which include audio story clips, discounts on DEV experiences and excerpts from upcoming serials from Max Sandford and other fine writers featured in our new serialised novels line.

Go to 365 Hours serial subscription and order now! Want to try an episode click here for the first episode offered for FREE! Still unsure? Try the next episode for only .99 here. Want to buy the novel in one unit? Then you will have to wait one year until the serial ends- and it can seem like a very long time to get your 365 Hours fix.

Choose your options or just sign up for the series, sit back and relax. Each new episode will be unlocked 365 Hours after the last.

Afraid it is too much for you? Be brave, take a risk. Sit in the front car with your hands held high and just ride and ride and ride… Still not sure? Read a sexy excerpt here.