Warming up your Winter

Tuesday, 27 January 2015



2015 is already moving along at a breakneck pace and seems to be a year of new adventures in delivering pleasure here at eSensual Books.

Modular DEV© is already proving to be a great success allowing you to control your own experience just how you like it best. Thanks to the lucky listeners who purchased all 10 units, and congratulations, your free module will delivered next month!

The latest DEV© release, Sleep with Me’ is quickly climbing the charts and is set to become one of our most popular offerings to date. New audios for gay and lesbian experiences are due to release in February along with our popular Couples in Touch series.

Undecided where to begin with DEV©? We are working on a list of the rankings of our most popular titles along with comments and reviews from our listeners.

So many choices you say, but we are not finished yet. We have barely begun! February 14th a day that brings hearts and flowers to some and movie premiers to others, is set to be a busy day at The Manor- our new line of serial novels will release the first episode of 365 Hours by Max Sandford.  Check back on February 1st- just 365 Hours before the launch to access our 365 Hours page for more info on how to sigh up for this old-fashioned yet innovative new way of enjoying erotica and receive the first episode absolutely FREE! Over 20 episodes of story, interviews, commentary and  secret clues that lead you to even more exciting extras like Modular DEV© and much more!

Watch the sexy video trailer for 365 Hours here!

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For now though, just crawl under your favorite blanket, light a fire, or snuggle with someone you care about and let us help turn up the heat a little higher.