Happy SpanksGiving

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Now the paranormal thrills of Halloween over with for another year it is time for our US friends to celebrate Thanksgiving. I understand this began as a thank you by the Founding Fathers for surviving and staying alive in the strange new land of America.

It made us think here at The Manor, about all that we have to be thankful for and how good it feels to be alive. It was one of the Dungeon Interns who said that a good spanking always made them feel alive and thankful.

So, as our contribution to making the Holiday go with a stinging slap we have two free DEV(c) Audio experiences for you to try for a limited time.

Jezebel is the .Bad Girl at Spanksgiving' with a NEW audio for Men                           For Women we have the popular 'A Spanking'


Click on the images and save the  .MP3 file to your device and play at your pleasure. (Windows is right click and save target. MAC is Ctrl +Click and select the 'download attached file' option.)

We will have more news about new releases and projects in the coming weeks.

Happy Holiday