Treats to make you shiver!

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Extreme pleasure doesn’t have to be scary, but a little adrenalin rush can add to the excitement. For a frighteningly good time that is sure to get your blood boiling download our

FREE Halloween DEV’s now!

Click on image or link below for a delicious treat:


For men: in Hauntingly Familiar, a beautiful spirit needs your desire to become a very real source of pleasure.

And for Women: Where the Vampires Are, finally an answer to a question that has long been a long time coming—and coming and coming….he will take all that you have, but what he gives in return will fill you to overflowing. 

It may seem like we have been taking it easy here at the manor but that is far from true. Yes, we did take a little summer time off, attended a conference or two and as always, life sometimes gets in the way of work, but we have been busy behind the scenes creating some exciting new eSensual products.

DEV will soon be available in a modular format so that you can order your pleasure as you like it best. The ability to create your very own playlist of sensual delights is almost ready for release.

Currently we are in negotiation with an exciting new toy that will work in tandem with DEV and create extra sensations when you need –or want a little more.

The first two Research novels are complete and will soon be available. The third installment, a sexy whodunit involving a search for an ancient magical scroll is in progress and is shaping up to be just as titillating as the first two.

Keep checking in for exciting new products and the latest eSensual developments.

Magic is in the air, close your eyes and listen. Breathe and relax and let your fantasies become real--if only for a little while.