Tuesday, 25 September 2012


As summer makes way for the cool winds of autumn, a flurry of activity begins as we prepare for the quiet of winter. Alternatepress/eSensual Books has been open to traffic for a little over a month now. You didn’t know? Why no promo? We have been trolling around, collecting data and working out the bugs. We have been anxious yes, but you don’t always have the second chance to make a first impression….

We also understand the deluge of up and coming sites and new indie publishers. So many authors, publishers and book marketing sites are now trying to capitalize on the recent success and focus on the erotica market. It can be difficult to know who to trust with your new story or your cash, will you be treated fairly; will you get satisfaction for your money?  

We know as writers your work is valuable and precious and we want to treat it with respect. We know as readers, that each purchase you make should hold a value in return.

We have been developing this project for well over a year. Working with other publishers, writers and editors to hone our skills and learn the market. Our mission is to provide quality erotica ‘that stimulates the mind and arouses the senses.’

We want to provide the author with a place where freedom of expression is not just a trite phrase, where their input is an integral part of the success of the product, where a genuine spirit of partnership prevails.

We want the reader, the consumer, to feel confident that their purchase will not be the ‘crap shoot’ brought on by the plethora of choices out there today, but that quality fiction, honest reviews and personalized customer service is the rule not the exception.

As always your comments and suggestions are what will help to make us better. Follow us on FB, Twitter and watch for blog updates, author spotlights and new releases. Stay up to date with industry news, helpful hints and submission calls.

Welcome, take a look around—stay a while. We have several new projects ready for release so check back often. We are in this for the long haul, it is our passion. Only time will prove our commitment. They say that trust is built up by keeping the small promises, we want you to trust us and so we intend to keep our promises. Give us a chance; you will be glad you did.

Thanks for stopping by.