Captivating Research

Sunday, 11 May 2014

The second installment of the ‘Research’ trilogy, Captivating Research, is resting on the shelf waiting to be edited, but we could not wait to share an excerpt with you. The story takes place in the exciting city of Dubai and involves espionage, abduction and plenty of hot sex.  Take a look at what Callista and her professor, Anbu are up to now. Comments are most welcome. Enjoy!


Callista pressed her forehead to the cool marble wall while the steam began to rise around her. Everything came flooding back as the hot water stung her back; Boulos, her reactions, the reluctant wanting to feel more betrayal of her feelings for Anbu. Then, the betrayal she felt at Anbu and the things she had seen him do with Jaliyah. Anbu being in prison, everything was really bad. Callista didn’t want to be in this place any more, she wanted to go back home to San Francisco. She wanted to curl up on her broken down sofa in her old fluffy robe and snuggle up with her best friend, Chad to watch some awful TV. He would say something silly and make her laugh.

Instead, Callista began to bawl, really crying, sobbing so deeply that her chest heaved as she slowly slid down the marble wall of the shower, oblivious to everything other than her bitter pain.


“You had better cry.” 

Anbu had flung open the glass door of the shower, the hazy outline of his form rigid. Callista silenced her scream and struggled to slide back into the corner.

“Anbu, you’re safe, thank God. I didn’t think…”

“No! I will not listen to your reassuring platitudes and convoluted ramblings about why you did those things.”


“I asked you for one simple favour- do you remember?” The dark shadows beneath his grey eyes, made them appear almost black. He ran a hand through his rumpled hair.

“But I…”

“Do-you-remember?” Callista had never seen him so angry. He was trembling, his fists opening and closing at his sides. She nodded and then dropped her head to hide her own building anger. “What did I ask of you?”

“To not let you down.” Her voice was quavering as the tears continued to fall.

 “Did you accomplish that task?”

“No—Sir.” He had a right to be angry but he had no right to treat her like a child. “I understand I failed you, but the circumstances…”

“No excuses, Callista. One simple request.”

What the fuck am I apologising for? He went off and left me to go screw that airplane slut…

Callista stood up straight in the shower and stepped out, moving closer to Anbu. Lifting her head, she looked him in the eye. She saw his anger yes, but she also saw fear and guilt.

“Perhaps it you hadn’t dumped us on the bad boy of Oman so you could fuck that skinny stewardess this wouldn’t have happened. You put our lives in danger without so much as a backward glance.” She felt the control trying to edge out the pain.

“I understand the circumstances were not ideal, but I had no choice.”

“Not ideal?” Her simple laugh hung in the steamy air dripping with sarcasm. “You got thrown into jail, for God’s sake!”

“I cannot explain why just yet, but I have my reasons. You have to know I would not risk your safety for anything. ”

“Then why did you? That man is a monster, he terrifies me, yet you went with her, you are a typical man-you letting the other head do the talking. I hope she was worth it, because I am done with all this, with you.”

“Callista… Please trust me. I know there are times where my meaning is not always clear, but you have to believe I would never intentionally hurt you. I will explain everything as soon as I can.”

“Too late, Anbu. I am going home. You don’t need me for this assignment and I will just be in your way. You and Bruna can fuck all of Arabia for all I care.” Callista was tired. Tired of the drama, tired of the lies and tired of the pain.

“That’s what this is really about isn’t it? You are jealous. You didn’t see me flipping out when you were grinding up against Boulos on the dance floor, did you?  You didn’t look too frightened then.”

“I had no choice…” Callista bit out the angry reply to hurt him, but throwing his words back at him gave her no peace. She wanted to tell him everything, what Boulos had done to her, how he had made her feel, so he would understand, but instead she stood there letting the silence widen the gulf between them.

“Touché, Callista.” Anbu stood there for a moment opening his mouth to speak then closing it again.

“If there is nothing else then?”  Callista turned and stepped back into the spray hoping it would keep her mouth shut until he left.

“What the hell?” Anbu jerked her around and ran his hands over the marks on Callista’s back. “So you did fuck him then?”

She pulled herself from his grip and turned to face him. She couldn’t believe Anbu thought so little of her that she would even consider Boulos a choice. Aroused by the attention and the fear perhaps, but she was more discriminate than that. Callista was speechless.

“You have nothing to say? So unlike you, love. Normally, I can’t shut you up.” Anbu’s bitter words cut deeply and Callista’s hurt began sifting back to anger.

“And what if I did? Why would you care?” Callista prayed he would say the words she wanted to hear.

“I wouldn’t care, if you had just told the truth. It is your deception that angers me.”

“You obviously can’t get your own head out of your ass long enough to listen. If you would give me a chance to exp…” Anbu stepped into the shower and backed Callista against the wall. His fingers circled her neck and he leaned into her, his face a fraction of an inch from hers.

“You know that to make this relationship work we have to follow the rules.”

“Oh, like you did last night.”  His grip tightened but she remained calm. His suit pants hung low on his hips, the wet dress shirt now clinging to his muscled torso. He looked so fucking sexy. “Fuck you, Anbu.”

“You are mine.” She wanted to cry out yes, but instead she countered his proclamation.

“And you are?” Anbu looked into her. Right through her skin and bones and blood into her soul. She knew he wouldn’t answer her and she really didn’t want him to. “Just go away. You are liar and a coward. I don’t want you here.”

Callista trembled with anger and hurt and desire. Then Anbu was kissing her. His tongue searching for the answers neither of them could find. Callista gave a half-hearted push but it was too late. She would be angry later. The sweet taste of Anbu filled her and she wanted more. His hand was already working between her legs, grabbing her sex, his thumb massaging her clit as he pushed his fingers inside her. She grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled it over his head, buttons flying as they popped with the force and she tossed it to the floor. His pants and shorts followed suit pooling in the water around his bare feet. Callista pulled his naked body closer needing the feel of his smooth skin against hers.

His lips tickled as they moved against her ear, “Callista, I need you.” He sat on the small corner bench in the shower and pulled her down on to his lap. “Mine.”

It seemed as though there were hands and mouths everywhere. Lost in their need, they touched and kissed without thought, the pure momentum of passion leading them higher. Callista lifted her hips and guided Anbu’s cockhead to the opening of her cunt. She drew back and looked at him. “Yours,” she said, as she pushed down onto his thickness, her pussy swallowing his cock until it reached her end. She wriggled her hips, letting the feeling of fullness bring her the peace she sought. Already she could feel the walls of her cunt drawing in, squeezing his hard shaft. She started to rise and fall gently, her wetness and desire easing the way. The shower pelted her back, the hot water stinging her still tender skin. Anbu grabbed her hips and began pumping her up and down, his frenzied motions bringing her quickly to the edge of release. Callista finally forgot everything. At this moment, it was just the two of them and they’re intense need for one another. She levelled her hands against the wall and pushed up on her toes fucking him harder than she ever had before. She would fuck the memory of that stewardess right out of his system.

“Fuck, Callista! I’m losing control.”

Callista couldn’t help smiling to herself, Mission accomplished! His guttural moan sent her over the edge and the gates to her release opened. As he pumped his hot semen into her, she exploded. Anbu forced his cock all the way inside her, holding her hips tightly to keep them connected as the sweet flood flowed from her.