Let your friend come, too!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Join us in our mission: your friend can come, too!

If you had found a way to have intense, satisfying sex that could bring you instant pleasure anytime, anywhere, wouldn't you want to share that with your friends? Know someone in between lovers that needs a little intimacy? Stuck in a rut with self-pleasure? Looking for a way to spice up your current relationship? DEV is the answer to all of those questions and more!

Here at the manor we believe that pleasure is for everyone and this year we resolve to share DEV with as many listeners as we can. For a limited time we are offering an all-new complimentary full length DEV audio for your enjoyment.

Men and women share in different ways. It is said that women have a tendency to create a story complete with a preface, several back tracks, lots of dialogue and an epilogue, while men just say what they need to say-period. Guys talk about sex in direct terms without much worry about what their buddies think. Sometimes it turns into a ‘fish story’-no pun intended, but they do share nonetheless.

The ‘no kiss, no tell’ premise is usually reserved for special relationships for both sexes, but sometimes when something too good to be true rolls around, you want to share it with the world. Don’t want to seem like a braggart? Not sure if you can find the right words? Embarrassed by your personal kinks? Sex is a wonderful, natural part of life so why close the bedroom door?

The intense pleasure of DEV can be overwhelming for some at first. Many listeners have commented that in the beginning they have hid away in their rooms listening--coming over and over again. Afraid that somehow it will stop or someone will tell them; it is impossible, that they are crazy or hypnotized into some kind of sex ring. Some have even said.’ It is the Devil at work’ but for those that have enjoyed its many charms, the experience is a positive addition to their sex lives. What could be wrong with endless hands free orgasms?

So, like finding a new vibrator or sexual position, tell your friends about DEV. With our FREE gift to you it is the perfect time for sharing. Go to our homepage to download your complimentary audio now and Experience the Fantasy. DEV; it speaks for itself!

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