Eroticon 2014

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Eroticon 2014

The weekend began with a meet and greet at the Radisson Blu in Bristol. Taking over the lounge the small but mighty group created quite the buzz. Old friends reconnected and new alliances were formed. A young man- perhaps slightly intoxicated-that was not part of the group stood outside the lounge greeting everyone with a ‘are you one of the erotic people’ then after a ‘right on’ with a high five or a friendly hug, he sent us on our way. It seems he was just happy to know we were there.

Saturday started out with a great session on censorship. A lot of important information and a healthy shot of fear from Zak Jane Keir, Myles Jackman and Pandora Blake. Many choices were offered through the rest of the weekend. Some valuable information from Emily Dubberly and Mia Moore on how to deal –or not as the case may be-with the press, a fascinating look at the human body with Lily Hastings, Sex Toy Reviews with Cara Sutra, Writing out Loud with Gryphon and Harper Eliot, and Powerful Post Writing with Molly Moore were some of the informative sessions we attended.

After a delicious lunch, time was spent networking with some of the fine folks in attendance from Lelo, We Vibe, House of Erotica, ETO Magazine, Constable Robinson, Give Lube and Belle du Soir.

Bristol is a great City with much history that was everywhere to experience, especially around the old waterfront near the Eroticon venue. The City University meant that the bars and eateries on Saturday night were lively with bright young things mingling with determined to have fun Hen and Stag party goers. A fitting atmosphere for we Eroticateers to venture forth and mingle a little ourselves.

Sunday afternoon was capped off with High tea and readings. We were treated to delicious cupcakes and even more delicious erotica from K D Grace, Kristina Lloyd, the talented and amusing Ashley Lister among others and of course, the sensational styling’s of our own Essemoh Teepee and Genevieve Ash. Well, at least no one fell asleep when we read – no easy task after the cocktail party sponsored by Velvet Books at the Elephant pub the night before!

The fabulous Ruby Kiddell worked tirelessly to provide an informative, professional and enjoyable conference that brought together sex workers, bloggers and erotic writers from all over the globe. I believe a great time was had by all. A little bit of fun, a lot of new ideas and a chance to make new friends.  It’s all over but the crying now, time to take those new ideas and use them to help provide a better experience for you. A lot of exciting new things coming from eSensual books, so check back often and don’t forget; your feedback is our best source of information, so keep those comments and suggestions coming.