Where do you get off...

Thursday, 30 January 2014


Here at the Manor we receive a lot of mail about our DEV experiences.  Some comments we are permitted to share, some we cannot. While the DEV is best understood by experiencing it, after the fact, many want to share the intensity of their feelings. While your virtual partner provides you with endless pleasure, the aftercare is limited and the feeling of loss can be very real.

A fantasy created to enhance your life, an entertainment to enjoy and sometimes, just plain fun. DEV is a collaborative effort and your voice is just as important as ours.  We want to make every experience the best it can be—we aim to please. So tell us how you feel: what you want- your dreams and desires. Communication is the single most important part of any partnership and with DEV it is no different. Your comments help us to create better audios

Talk to us. Share your experiences. Where do you listen? Have you listened at work during a meeting or on your daily commute to the office? Do your neighbors think your rocking out while cutting the lawn- your strange movements caused by the mower not an orgasm? Has a command drifted into your mind while in line at the grocery checkout and you struggle to maintain composure? Or are you snug in your bed stretched out and comfortable listening in private?

Do you dress for the experience or undress?  Do you include toys or friends or do you prefer hands free? Any special rituals or schedules? How many experiences in one day? Have you told your friends? Shared it with a lover? Tried things—and enjoyed –that you never thought you would?

Let us know either in the comments section or via our email; info@alternatepress.co.uk Your personal information is never shared and if you prefer your comments remain anonymous than just say so. We monitor our blog comments and are judgment free. We have zero tolerance for haters.

Sit back, sip on a glass a wine or a cup of tea and drop us a line. We love to hear from you and will respond to your comments and questions. Don’t be shy; we don’t bite—unless of course you ask us to.