Monday, 23 December 2013

Saturnalia perhaps the best-known of several December festivals in the Greco-Roman world was characterized by role reversals. It was a time when the ordinary rules were turned upside down. Men dressed as women and masters dressed as servants. The festival also involved decorating houses with greenery, lighting candles, holding processions and giving presents. Slaves were treated to a banquet of the kind usually enjoyed by their masters. Some suggest that master and slave dined together, while others indicate that the slaves feasted first, being served by their Masters. Saturnalia celebrations also permitted slaves to enjoy a pretense of disrespect for their masters, and exempted them from punishment.

At eSensual books we can’t help but see a story—or perhaps an anthology coming from this time honored tradition. We love stories about cross dressing, Slaves and Masters and Switches. Sounds like a holiday that should be brought back into vogue—but then in truth it seems to be celebrated every day in this modern world!

The Winter Solstice falls on the shortest day of the year 21st December and was celebrated in Britain long before the arrival of Christianity. The Druids would cut the mistletoe that grew on the oak tree and give it as a blessing. It was also the Druids who began the tradition of the yule log. The Celts thought that the sun stood still for twelve days in the middle of winter and during this time a log was lit to conquer the darkness, banish evil spirits and bring luck for the coming year.

We can think of no reason that this holiday should not be celebrated as well. A roaring fire, mistletoe, staying in for twelve days and nights…sounds like a perfect plan to us—of course our plan would involve very naughty nights.

We will be taking a short break to spend time with our family and friends, but we have big plans for the upcoming year so check back in January for the latest updates. As always, we will respond to your queries in a timely fashion, but please be patient during this holiday season. As promised your holiday gifts will arrive, but due to production delays, they will arrive after the first of the year. We apologise for the disappointment J

December is a time for people to come together regardless of their differences. Customs and dates may vary, but ultimately the season revolves around light, hope and sharing the love of friends and family. So be it Christmas, Solstice, Kwanza, Chanukah or any of the other special celebrations taking place during this magical time of year, all of us at the Manor wish you and yours a peace-filled holiday season full of health, happiness and love.