Spring is busy at The Manor

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

What’s New?

Spring is so busy here at The Manor, the rising sap all around us seems to be going to everyone’s heads, large and small!

The more observant of you will have noticed that we are currently concentrating on Audio Productions. We aim to have tripled our catalogue of Directed Erotic Visualisation titles available through our partners at Audible.com by the late fall. We will also have many more juicy and edgy audio experiences available in the TripleX DEV range, exclusive to us here at eSensual Books.


Some feedback from a TripleX listener, Missy...

On Dr. Do Me! There was definitely something intriguing about being restrained and helpless in that too familiar situation where having to submit is assumed. I had two gratifying orgasms and liked the ‘feel’ of this one, that bit of anxiety from the bindings, but with a lighter feel from the chuckles and laughter. I'll visit the doctor again.
Thank you for a most pleasant interlude in my evening.


However we are not turning our backs on our e-book publications. Far from it!

In-house we are working on a new trilogy of novel length Erotic Romances that are so much fun! We hope to be announcing a publication date for the first title in partnership with one of our favourite Publishing houses in the near future.

We are getting some really good submissions from new and established writers that we are working on publishing in the future, and we are looking for more.  If you have something that is a little different, erotic, very hot and exciting then give us a try. Remember that we are looking for stories that can also work well in audio format.

Have a great time

The Editors.