House Party

Friday, 11 January 2019

Happy New Year! 

Things at The Manor are starting to pick up speed after recovering from a festive New Year's Eve celebration. The holidays were fabulous, but now it's time to get back to producing exciting new content for your listening pleasure.

The Manor is a rather stately place, inherited from family long since gone, we work hard to be good custodians of such a special place. While upkeep is often challenging, we do our best to ensure it will be enjoyed by many generations to come. 

This month we allow you a peek in to some of our very private rooms. There will be no velvet ropes to bar your admittance, no tour guides leading you- only freedom of choice. There are many doors to open, but once you choose, you must follow through so, choose wisely and pleasure will be yours.

Essemoh is very proud of his Trophy Room at the Manor . There are no trophies, or animal heads only the panties of the many women who have dared to open the door. In this Impossible Lovers for Women experience he will be adding yours to his collection-just as soon as he is finished spanking your delicious bottom! The pleasure is fair trade.

Jezebel is waiting  with all sorts of exciting new opportunities for pleasure. In this Impossible Lovers for Men BDSM experience she is most definitely in charge and if you behave, she might give you what you want. Wont you open the door to this Submission Room at the Manor and find out what submission to a powerful woman is all about?

Essemoh loves nothing more than to give you pleasure and you never know what kind you might find in a Chill Out Room at the Manor.  Go ahead and open the door, in this Impossible Lovers for Women  trance experience he will give you all you can take. You might be in the Chill Out Room, but I promise you there will be plenty of heat.

You'll be glad to see Ms Kitten when you open the door to this Ladies' Room at the Manor. Always up to something naughty,  in this eSb Audio Erotica selection, she cant wait and drags you into the Ladies' Room hoping you wont get caught--or perhaps, hoping you do!

Some popular titles from last New Year's worth a revisit:

It is a New Year and with Essemoh firm hand leading the way, you should Resolve to try new things. Step outside your comfort zone and experience bliss in this extended Impossible Lovers for Women XXX BDSM experience.

Jezebel's mantra is No Regrets.  In this down and dirty Impossible Lovers for Men experience, she wants  to celebrate your taking a chance on the unique pleasure only she can provide. So many memories, you'll definitely be making some new ones, too!

NotWhoRoseThinks is a man on a mission in this powerful eSb Audio Erotica experience. He is Resolute in his goals and knows exactly what you need: More Pleasure! A powerful man is just what you need to chase the chill away.

It may be a New Year, but Grace's Grove is not going to let you get away this time in this exquisite eSb Audio Erotica selection. Many dread their high school Reunion, but this time you will be so glad you came. Shh, no one can see us here...

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