Spring News!

Saturday, 9 March 2013

The New Year has brought a flurry ofactivity to the Manor House and the winter has hurried by. Several new audios have been released to Audible with a projected total of fifty new titles for this year, covering hetero, gay and lesbian themes as well as a very new first for us, a series for hetero couples. We are sure there will be something to please everyone.

Couples in Touch; Intimacy, is our first audio released to listen to with your partner. The feedback has been positive and several more experiences are in the pipeline. Currently they are geared to heterosexual couples but we have had interest in producing gay and lesbian versions and have put it on the agenda.   

The Second Oldest Profession; Sexy Seductive Spies has just been released in partnership with Renaissance-Sizzler and the audio version of Cream of the Crop, the successfullight BDSM anthology we partnered with Xcite Books is due out this month.

Along with social networking, conferences and real life, there is little time left for writing, but eSensual Editors, Genevieve and Essemoh have just completed their first collaborative full length novel in a planned series entitled, Practical Research. In the story, anthropology graduate, Callista Makris signs on as a research assistant for some work involving studies of a very intimate nature and soon finds that the subject material is almost too hot to handle. What she doesn’t realise is that she is the subject to be studied and the sexy Professorand his hot Brazilian housekeeper will become very intimate indeed. Read the adults only excerpt below. Comments more than welcome.



From Practical Research:

 “Ooh, are you going to spank me?” Callista put on her best innocent pout and girly voice as she pulled at his striped silk tie. Tugging it from side to side, she loosened it and slipped it over his head. His hands were hot on the bare skin of her shoulders and she thought she felt them tremble.

Anbu had an urge to put his fingers around her throat and squeeze but her next words made his spine tingle.

“You could tie me up with this…if you want?” She pushed her hips against him yet again, letting her pelvis slip from side to side, grinding against him. The gorgeous agony of his cock trapped between her and his body was making him want to thrust against her. It took all his will to control his urge. Callista was no longer a subject of study at that moment, all the time he had held himself back from women since Africa, all the suppressed emotion was bubbling up inside. It was getting to be just too much.The image Callista had conjured was too strong. 

She saw he wasn’t moving, wasn’t trying to stop her, he just looked at her—or was it through her.

“You would like that wouldn’t you?” Hisvoice was throaty, full of his desire. “If you don’t stop moving your hips like that, I will do more than tie you up and spank you.”

It was the word ‘more’ that tipped her into direct action, Callista’s vision became blurred and her breathing short as shepulled his shirt from the waistband of his trousers and then reached up for thetop button. Anbu grabbed her hand and held it there, pressed against histhroat. All Callista could hear was their mingled breathing and the bloodroaring in her ears, she could feel the pulse in his throat under her fingers,racing in tandem with hers. She had never wanted anything-or anyone more thanshe wanted Anbu at this very moment.

“Kiss me, Anbu.” Callista kept her gaze steady and waited. Hisface moved closer and she began to tremble uncontrollably. His lips brushedover hers gently before moving to her cheek.More! I want more. She turned her head, searching for his mouth; Anbusucked in a breath and bit at her bottom lip. Callista gasped, his sharp teethfeeding her desire. His mouth covered hers and he kissed her deeply, his tongueplunging into her mouth. Callista wrapped her hands around his head and pulledhim closer. His kiss was hungry, his tongue searching, she felt the power ofhis need reaching into her core and she began to melt inside. Whimpering,Callista pushed all of her body against him looking for intimate contact.Something to stop the ache she felt inside. It was like a cold shower when Anbubroke the kiss and pulled from her grip, with the words,

“Damn it Callista, No!”

The shock was making her whole bodyshudder, No this can’t happen, not now, Ineed this too much.

Callista tried to calm her voice and soundreasonable,

“Anbu, take it easy. What’s a kiss amongfriends?”

Anbu stomach was churning, seeing andfeeling things from Africa, it was as though he were in two places and times,then and there as well as here and now. Another beautiful woman in his arms,ready for him, wanting him and he wanting in return. He spoke then about thepast and the present,

“It is never just a kiss. We cannot, mustnot do this.” He pushed Callista away even though he wanted to crush herbreasts to his chest and grip her hips, push himself against her, insteadsaying, “It will skew the study.”

Callista wanted to scream with frustration,and shuddering desire. She nearly shouted at him, “Fuck the study, Anbu. Youwant to know how freeing from inhibition and social sexual repression affectswomen - I am showing you first hand.” Anbu hands shook as he brought them to hishead and he ran them through his dark hair, his eyes avoiding hers as she wenton. “Think of it as practical research.” Her words stung him, his research inAfrica had become entirely too practical, with tragic consequences.

Callista could see the something in hisglittering eyes, a strong emotion, indecision. She took his hands in hers andplaced them on her chest, the soft swell of her upper breasts filling his palmsas she pressed them against her.

“Anbu, feel my heart beating. I am alive.Touch me.” For a moment the past became distant, this women in his grasp wasvery much alive and it had been so long. Anbu bent his head and kissed the softrise of her breasts.

Callista mumbled into the soft hair on hishead as his lips worked against her skin “You can’t hide in the study—or thepast.”

Anbu looked up, the sharp new anger in hiseyes made Callista shiver. He steppedfrom her, pushing her away and took a deep breath. Oh shit, me and my bigmouth…

“What do you know of my past? You knownothing about me.”

Desperately trying to recover the moment,Callista said, “Then tell me.”

Anbu felt the upwelling of emotionoverwhelm his simple desire for intimacy and comfort. He needed to remindCallista, and himself of what was between them.

“I am not your boyfriend, we are not goingto hold hands and…share.”

Callista felt like his words were slappingher head from side to side, “Why do you have to be so cruel? I just want toknow why you always reject me?”

“I have told you, this is an assignment.You are merely an assistant and a study subject, nothing more.” He had halfturned from her as he spoke, trying to dismiss her again she thought.

That made her snarl, “I don’t think thebulge in your pants is work related.”

Anbu, stopped his hand from moving to coverhis crotch, that was juvenile he thought. This needs to be a grown upconversation.

“I am human. When a beautiful woman throwsherself at me what do you expect?”

Throwsherself…Fucking arrogant bastard, who the fuck does he think... Callista stomped toward the door. She tried to fill her lungs buther anger left no room for air. “You know what your problem is, Professor?” Shewalked back and faced him, her hands on her hips and heels spiked widely intothe carpet. His mouth was sneering but his eyes were still glittering, thoughwith what she was no longer sure, but his words were horrid.

“Oh, do tell…”

Callista so wanted to slap the smug smileoff his face. She let him have all her bitterness and disappointment.

“You’re so self-absorbed you couldn’t possiblycare about anyone else. Maybe that is why your precious little Arab houri, Halgan, is no longer in your bed.News flash, Master Anbu, Sir; the world does not revolve around you!”

Turning on her heel, Callista took a stepaway towards the door, a sob beginning to force its way up her constrictedthroat. Anbu felt something snap inside.

When Anbu grabbed her by the wrist andpulled her into his arms, the force and shock made Callista cry out, halfwhimper, half moan. His embrace was overpowering, all encompassing. She wasboth frightened - and aroused by his unexpected show of strength. Trying totwist out of his grasp he only held her tighter, his breath hot on her face.His hands were hurting her arms, the pain oddly warming low down, making herwant to slump against his chest. His eyes were darker than she had ever seenthem, as though his black pupils had expanded to engulf all the grey. Shestruggled to make sense of his words.

“And your problem, Ms. Makris, is yourinability to respect boundaries. I am going to teach you some respect.” Hisfingers digging into her wrist, Anbu dragged her to the couch.

He sat, still holding her wrists tightlyand closed his eyes before taking a deep breath. He opened them and Callistasaw only power within them. His voice was deep and calm.

“On your knees, Callista.”

Callista knew her mouth and eyes wereequally wide open in surprise. She snorted, closing them both quickly to findsome escape, then opened them slowly saying quietly,


Anbu looked at her intently. Callista didnot even think he was blinking. He was holding himself so still, it frightenedher. He spoke very quietly, but forcefully,

“I said, on your knees.”

Callista stood firm. Her wrist was burningwhere his encircling fingers dug into her. She shifted the weight on her feet,her calves aching from the unnatural arch enforced by the high heels. Anbureached out and pulled her by the waist, forcing her face down onto his lap.She was taken off guard and the wind knocked from her lungs as her body hit hisknees. She tried to protest but could only gasp.

The sting of his hand as it made contactwith the second skin of smooth leather stretched tightly across her bottom madeCallista cry out. Again, he spanked her, this time harder than the last and theslow burn spread over the tightly encased muscle of her ass, leaving adelicious tingle in its wake.

“Anbu, stop, you’re hurting…” Her pleaturned into a moan as she felt his long hard fingers on the bare skin of herlegs, pushing the leather skirt up and over her bottom, exposing the hot skinto the cool air. His fingertips were tracing delicate circles on her tenderflesh, the light touch of his hand on the newly depilated skin causing afrisson that had Callista’s nerve endings on fire. She didn’t want to like it,but oh, she did. She liked it very much.

“Anbu, please, I…” Her words trailed off,she didn’t know what to say. Callista did not want to tell him to stop.

“You need to understand how to behave.”Anbu spanked her again three times in rapid succession. Then he stroked hernaked bottom again and asked,

“Do you want me to stop?”

Callista could feel the droplets ofmoisture trickling down the walls of her cunt. She didn’t want him to stop, shewanted so much more. Callista parted her legs slightly, gently shifting herhips form side to side, pressing her mound against the tense muscles of histhigh. She heard him inhale deeply and groan. “I can smell you.” His words made her melt even more, she couldfeel the lace and satin of her thong soaking wet between her thighs.

Anbu massaged the naked cheeks of herbottom with strong fingers. Callista hoped that he would leave marks that shecould see later and make her remember. His deep penetrating caress parted hermoist labia; wet swollen flesh opening and coming together against the soakingmaterial of her panties, the erotic sounds like that of a soft kiss. 

He spanked her again—hard, three times. Shewhimpered and moved her hips to grind her clit into Anbu’s knee. Again hespanked her and she screamed her need. Reaching between her legs he cupped hersex, the heel of his hand pushing at the remaining scrap of satin, slidingagainst her swollen clit. Callista circled her hips pushing back and up intohis hand.

“You are so wet for me.” She heard him say,with wonder.

Callista was afraid to speak. She didn’twant to do anything that might stop him. The pressure was building inside her,she felt every inch of the skin covering her body as if it were stretched tootightly on her frame. She knew her juices were soaking Anbu’s pants.

“What do you want from me?” His words were faint, pensive, not so much aquestion as a plea as he peeled the damp cloth from between her legs and slidit down her thighs. Callista felt the wet trail of her own desire and liftedher bottom to ease his action, opening her legs wider when they were free,inviting him to explore.

 Shefelt the whoosh of air as he raised his hand once more. Tensing the muscles inher cheeks, she waited for the brutal sting of his touch. Nothing! She wantedto cry out, beg for his burning blow, but she held back, surrendered andwaited. Crack! His hand made sharpcontact with renewed fervor and the rain of stinging blows were intense.Callista felt the first wave of orgasmic release push toward her core. Thepressure to come was intense, filling her up to the brim and near overflowing.Her breathing grew short, her pleasure mingled with and amplified by the pain.She was hanging on the edge, needing something more. The cloth of his slackswas rough against her clit and she rubbed faster, looking for relief. So closethe words were torn from her,

“Oh God, Anbu, please!”

His dark chuckle was edged with victory. Hereached between her legs and slid two long, questing, fingers inside her. Thewalls of her cunt seized on them, squeezing them, trapping them inside her. Thecool air soothed her glowing bottom making Callista more aware of the fireinside her as his fingers began to move there.

“Oh, fuck yes, Anbu, yes!” Callista lostall control. She had to surrender everything to him, needed to surrenderherself. Suddenly the awareness that giving up control was not for the weakwashed over her. Panicking, she felt the tide rush back, retreating from thebrink into the pool of pleasure in her belly. Don’t think; just let it happen…please. Callista squeezed her eyesclose and let go of her breath.

Anbu was in a dark place, his focus was onthe feel of this woman on his fingers, in his lap, her helplessness, completelyat his mercy. He felt the rush of power as he knew he could make her orgasm athis desire. The words came from somewhere other than his consciousness,

“You’re mine.” 

Anbu slipped his thumb through the slipperywet folds between her thighs and down, over her clit. He circled slowly overthe smooth hard button under his thumb, at first increasing his tempo to matchthe increasing speed of her gasping sighs, then to his own rhythm and desire.

Callista was beyond caring about Anbu’spast or his distance from her or his fucking Bruna. What she cared about withall her shuddering body and soul was coming and coming very hard. She feltmuscles clench in her belly, pushing the desire from within, bearing down hardon the thrusting twin fingers inside her. She exploded with a cry, expellingAnbu’s fingers from within her tightening sex with the sweet wet, rush of herrelease.

“Oh, fuck!” Callista cried out, in the agony of climax.


‘Practical Research’by Genevieve Ash and Essemoh Teepee is intended for publication in the summer.