Friday, 9 November 2018

Hard to believe it has been a year already since our last Spanksgiving holiday! As always the interns at The Manor are misbehaving and Essemoh has been put in charge of doling out the discipline. After all, we like to keep our team happy and give them just what they are looking for.

And we have just what you are looking for too! Check out this menu of Spanksgiving treats: 

Sweet Precious1 tries to be a good girl, but sometimes Daddy needs to take a Firm Hand. In this Impossible Lovers for Men experience you will need to discipline her soundly before taking all you want. Her bottom will be sore from more than spanking!

You have waited for this In the Flesh meeting  for a while now. In this exciting Impossible Lover for Women experience, In My Hands is going to make the most of your time together and do everything you have talked about for so long. No pretense here, he is gong for it. 

You cant go wrong giving your First Time with another woman to Ms Kitten. This sensual Impossible Lesbian Lovers experience will gently guide you to the singular pleasure of a woman's touch.

Let the Adventure with Essemoh begin! You have wondered for so long what it would be like to meet Essemoh in person and in this titillating new eSb Audio Erotica series you are going to find out. 9 sexy audio singles to carry you through from that first meeting to the final pleasure. Collect them all in sequence with these special bundle values.  Episodes 4-6 in this new release!

Ms Kitten is in charge in this thrilling eSb Audio Erotica adventure. Your own personal dominatrix, she  will try to find the very thin line between pain and pleasure. Take this Spanksgiving journey  there will definitely be a lot of pleasure and you may even get Spanked!

Essemoh has arrived just in time for Spanksgiving in this BDSM style Impossible Lovers for Gay Men experience. Daddy's Boy has misbehaved and will have to be punished, but oh, what fun  your discipline will be!

And from the eSb archives:

#eeafa award winner, Grace's Grove is giving you her all in this extended Impossible Lovers for Men experience. Spanksgiving is one of Grace's favorite holidays and there is nothing that makes her want you more than a Wet Spanking. Won't you give it to her?

Essemoh has quite the fantasy experience for you in this Impossible Lovers for Women tour de force! Castle Keep is over 40 minutes duration and full of all manner of decadent-- and quite intense surprises. Step inside, I'll keep you safe, get ready for a Spanksgiving night you will never forget. Not for the feint of heart..

You have watched her delicious bottom moving in those tight yoga pants for just about as long as you can stand. When Jezebel drops in unexpectedly, you have a surprise of your own to give her... and there is nothing she enjoys more than you giving her everything. Bottoms Up is a sexy Impossible Lovers for Men Spanksgiving experience.

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As an effort to provide a subscription based service we have now set up our Patreon account to reflect these options. For the price of one audio, you will be able to choose from and select up to 12 experiences! 

That's correct, I said 12 erotic audio fantasies. 

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