Summer Vacation Savings

Friday, 13 July 2018

It is so hot at The Manor the interns are dripping wet. Oh wait, that is every day!  This month we are featuring some seriously sexy titles for Summer Vacation. Hit, the beach or the pool with your favorite artist and enjoy some relaxing, sensual release. And if a sexy vacation isn't enough, you can do it at 25% off all titles during July's Summer Sale.

Jezebel is hot and bothered and needs some time in the pool to cool off from the Long Hot Summer. Splash around with her all you want, just make sure her screams dont disturb the neighbor's party in this sensational eSb Audio Erotica experience.

Ms Kitten is feeling naughty. In this sizzling hot eSb Audio Erotica experience she is At The Beach and so horny she just cant wait. Dont be shy, you know you want this!

Essemoh has invited you;  Dinner at My HouseA carefully prepared menu awaits in this delicious eSb Audio Erotica experience to fill all your senses. Can you guess what his favorite thing to eat is? That's right, it is you!

It is mid-week the crowds have thinned. It seems that you and Grace's Grove almost have the place to yourself. Wont you join her by the pool and help her get Oiled Up? This eSb Audio Erotica selection is so sizzling hot you will need a dip to cool off!

Eve's Garden always knows just what you want and in this fetish eSb Audio Erotica experience she says let me give it to you--With My Feet! Lie back, relax and let Eve do what she does best; bring you the ultimate pleasure. 

Grab that Beach Cabana because In My Hands wants to kick off your summer vacation with a bang!. This sensual and very naughty eSb Audio Erotica experience has everything you need to feel as you've just returned from holiday!

Jezebel has been waiting too long and in this urgent Impossible Lovers for Men experience and she wont wait a minute more. Even though you only have one day together, she will give you enough memories until you meet again Same Time, Next Year.

Sweet Precious said she couldn't wait, but After the Wait she is still playing in this hot eSb Audio Erotica selection. If you behave, she may just help you let off some steam- after she makes you wait that is!

The jangle of chains keep Sweet Precious just where you want her in this quick and dirty eSb Audio Erotica selection. On the bed and ready for your every demanding whim, she offers you the Sweetest Taboo.

As an effort to provide a subscription based service we have now set up our Patreon account to reflect these options. For the price of one audio, you will be able to choose from and select up to 12 experiences! 

That's correct, I said 12 erotic audio fantasies. 

@Club_eSensual will give you access to monthly themed audio selections on eSb including our exclusive New Releases! You will also receive exclusive Patreon audio content, podcasts, erotic fiction, a fabulous place to just hang out and so much more! Visit us and discover the sexy fun we have at The Club! 

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