Anal April is Back!

Friday, 13 April 2018


Things are going REALLY well with the #30DayOrgasm Fun experience. Here at The Manor and @Club_eSensual we are participating and encouraging you to participate as well in Tabitha Rayne's #30DayOrgasmFun.

Think about how great you feel after an orgasm. Ok, good. Feel that for a moment... Now, imagine that times 30 days in a row. MMM, delicious! These feel good hormones we talk about so often will be flowing... there is no pressure, but after you hit your stride, we think you'll be looking forward to it. It's never too late to join in or even try to catch up! 

Our patrons are receiving daily encouragement to keep them motivated along with some hot audio to  prime the pumps--so to speak, and remember orgasms from DEV are just as real as any other release, so, when you want to switch things up, just lie back and listen.

As always, we want to hear your comments. Let us know how it is going or if you need encouragement, we are always willing to help...

Anal April is back at The Manor by popular demand!

​Ms Kitten is so anxious to spend time with you in this eSb Audio Erotica experience for men that she is all in. Put it Anywhere, she purrs, just please do it now!

Jezebel loves all you do for her, but now she tells you: it is My Turn! Don't worry, in this TripleXXX Impossible Lovers for Men experience she will take her time and make sure you're ready. You won't regret experiencing the most explosive pleasure  yet. 

Essemoh has sent you an invite from The Manor.  Be his special guest in this Impossible Gay Lovers experience  it will be one House Party you'll be glad you attended.

Do you think I'm at your Booty Call anytime you get an itch? In this Impossible Lovers for Men experience that call turns into so much more as you arrive and Oh_reaally welcomes you in  to her room and her most secret places.  

Essemoh would like you to be his special guest at The Manor. Once you step through the door of this House Party you will find all kinds of delights and many guests that wish to share them with you in this exciting Impossible Lovers for Women experience.

Sometimes being out of control is freeing and since You Asked for It that is what you will get in this Impossible Lovers for Women experience. Bound and helpless In My Hands is more than willing to comply with your requests.

As an effort to provide a subscription based service we have now set up our Patreon account to reflect these options. For the price of one audio, you will be able to choose from and select up to 12 experiences! That's correct , I said 12 erotic audio fantasies.

@Club_eSensual will give you access to monthly themed audio selections on eSb including our exclusive New Releases! You will also receive exclusive Patreon audio content, podcasts, erotic fiction, a fabulous place to just hang out and so much more! Visit us and discover the sexy fun we have at The Club!

​Still not enough anal for you? Check out these favorites and more in our Anal April  Category Selections

Attention! Top Secret Audio is calling your name in Roll Call and you had better be ready in this intense Impossible Lesbian Lovers experience. When she visits you in Solitary, her command is 'Bend Over' and you had better comply, Soldier. You Will, take it all and like it- a lot! 

Whether you are a virgin saving 'it' for the right one, curious, or a sensual dynamo wanting that 'first time' feeling, Let Essemoh  guide you gently through your anal awakening with nothing to fear. Romancing the Virgin: Anal  is a sensual Impossible Lovers for Women experience not to be missed!

Gaelforce is feeling dirty, and when he joins you in the shower, things get Hot and Wet in a hurry in this Anal April eSb Audio Erotica selection. Feel the cool tiles against your skin.

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