A New Way to Reach, Grow and Keep your Audience

3 CommentsMonday, 9 April 2018


Audio Arts Collective @eSensual is a unique way for talented audio creators to gather together and mutually increase audience awareness, sales, Patronage and more.

1. Adult Filters!

Being in the dungeon can be a good thing… sometimes, but erotic and sensual content is hidden behind increasingly impenetrable ‘filters’. Microsoft, Amazon, Audible, iTunes, YouTube and Patreon to name just a few, are censoring and hiding away our work from the public. With new internet laws in the United States opportunities continue to narrow. Findaway, Author’s Republic, Audasy and other distribution only services cannot guarantee that their retailer outlets will even take our audios.

2. Payouts

Retail sites change our prices, offer freebie and subscription services without reference to us, so, our income is consequently variable and out of our control. What seems like a good deal at 50% or even 70% share of sales, becomes very disappointing when the price to our buyers is slashed by the retailer.  With greater uncertainty of the market, not knowing if content will be pulled, or if the payment providers, such as PayPal and now,  credit card companies, suddenly stop processing payments for our work, it is getting harder to prosper.

3. Building Your Audience

We know that GWA, Soundgasm & Literotica are great to build your fan base, that Patreon  can provide income for those with an established following. But to become recognized as a “professional,” it is going to take cooperation and working together.

We want to bring the community of audio artists together to not only showcase your work, but to provide a supportive place to discuss issues and share information, experience, and advice. A collective to support and promote our work to fans and share opportunities to grow as a consequence.

4. Professional and Recognized

Here at eSensual we have over 6 years of showing a solid increase in retail sales and an ever-growing listener base, in part due to many of you providing such great content. We strive to curate quality erotic audio, audiobooks, DEV, ASMR and more. We have become known as the place where listeners can go find what they need in an easy, straightforward way.

We have clear and negotiable distribution terms, on time payments,  and more importantly, we have a platform that does not hide away your content. Your work is very personal to you and we treat it just like our own.


No commitments, no dues, no mandatory meetings. The Collective is open to all artists. Tell your friends and help us create an artist’s collective that will rock the audio world. 

Wont you lend your expertise to our quarterly ezine? Link back to other artists?  Share promo for the greater good? Join the advisory panel or just stop by to support a unique gathering of talent who are encouraging one another.  

Together we can decide what will work best for us all. The Audio Arts Collective @eSensual is to be a mutual initiative.

Become a founding member today!

Please comment below, contact us  or email genevieveash@genevieveash.com.

We have a new website we are preparing just for the Audio Arts Collective and we look forward to your input and participation.

Eve's Garden
Wednesday, 11 April 2018  |  13:02

This is a great idea that I've wanted to create myself for a long time, kudos for putting it together here. I agree we need to come together as professionals and help each other through this anti-sex onslaught, and I'd love to take part in any way I can.

Raven Fox
Thursday, 12 April 2018  |  3:21

I've been an erotic audio professional since 2009. I'd love to be a founding member and involved in this project.





Thursday, 19 April 2018  |  23:59

In the past I have seen my endeavours foiled by the likes of PayPal arbitrarily deciding what is 'acceptable'. Today it is getting even harder to reach out with our work in the face of the blanket censorship and the 'dungeon' mentalities of many distribution platforms and payment processors. We should do more together to enable our fans to get what they desire.