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By now, most of you reading this know there is nothing we love more than giving you pleasure. Actually, there is nothing we love more than pleasure full stop, so, we are participating and encouraging you to participate in Tabitha Rayne's #30DayOrgasmFun.

You can read all about it below, but remember, it is first and foremost about pleasure and all the wonderful things that will happen to your health, mood and overall outlook on life. Think about how great you feel after an orgasm. Ok, good. Feel that for a moment... Now, imagine that times 30 days in a row.. MMM, delicious! These feel good hormones we talk about so often will be flowing... there is no pressure, but after you hit your stride, we think you'll be looking forward to it. I know, here at The Manor there is much chatter about it around the water cooler. I am pretty sure some of our folks have  even started early!

​Get to know your body better, your partner's body, share the fun or take some "me time'. Try new things or old standbys ,but what ever you choose, enjoy! 

Our patrons will be receiving daily encouragement to keep them motivated along with some hot audio to  prime the pumps--so to speak, and remember orgasms from DEV are just as real as any other release, so, when you want to switch things up, just lie back and listen.

As always, we want to hear your comments. Let us know how it is going or if you need encouragement, we are always willing to help...

Starting on 1st April 2018: From Tabitha Rayne

Again, as before, this is all about connecting with you, your body, your mind, your soul so there’s no pressure here! I struggled long and hard about calling it an orgasm challenge, but decided that could push an elusive shy orgasm even further out of reach.

So, please, join in! Have fun! Share you experiences with the #30DayOrgasmFun hashtag and also #30DaysOrgasmFun (first is the official one but I started the other by mistake…) and if you want to, write some posts and pop the link into the comments or email me – tabitharayne@gmail.com or tag me on Twitter.

It’s going to start on April 1st – which coincides with April Fool’s Day in the UK so I’d like to also use the hashtag, #WanksNotPranks for the first day 

I’ll be sharing thoughts on toys I’ve used and if I manage to push on through when I wasn’t feeling up to it… Who knows, I might even be brave enough to vlog about it… *starts crying at the thought*

Anyway, please join in for the fun if you want to – imagine if we all came together one day and released all our beautiful oxytocin all at once into the atmosphere – peace on earth at last!

Lots and lots of love from Tabitha

See you on April the First!


Friday, 30 March 2018  |  15:36

Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this! Hope you have lots of fun x