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Bits and Boobs: Special Issues

Bits and Boobs: Special Issues

Honey Moon is Over!

Voiding before, and immediately after, sexual relations is important to help prevent Urinary Tract Infections (water infection) or other sexually transmitted diseases in women. Honeymoon’s Cystitis is a common malady affecting women after especially intense sexual sessions or sexual relations after a long period of abstinence. A recurring problem can be treated with preventative antibiotics, but this can cause a host of other symptoms, included a dreaded yeast infection. Cranberry juice will aid in keeping the bacteria from sticking around, but will not help once an infection takes hold. Proper hydration, good hygiene and pre/post urination is the best defense.

Chafing: Rub me the wrong way

Everyone’s body chemistry is different and changes all the time. The vagina is self- lubricating but often times requires a little assistance. A good water based lube is an essential item in your tool kit. Many factors such as medication, age, and stress can cause reduced wetness. It is a common misconception that if a women isn’t wet she isn’t excited. In some cases this may be true, but for most it is not. Do not be afraid to tell your partner when you need a little something extra.

Lube use with toys, fingers, and during intercourse can make the experience more pleasurable. When engaging in anal sex lube is a must and plenty of it!

 Women who ejaculate especially need to have a good lube on hand. While you may be soaking wet, your bodies naturally helpful secretions will be washed away in the flood leaving you susceptible to friction and chafing.

Scent of a Lover

Female secretions are naturally mild tasting. Certain foods such as asparagus, garlic, and curry can affect the flavor. Our bodies are naturally programmed to be attracted to the scent of another’s genitals.

While a woman’s taste runs between sweet or spicy a man’s secretions are often referred to as bitter or salty. Pungent, earthy, honeyed, sexy, sharp as different as your unique characteristics the scent of your body is different from everyone else’s.

Often if a man has not ejaculated in a while, is dehydrated or physically unwell his semen will taste stronger. It has been recommended that pineapple and cantaloupe can make the semen more palatable. We believe that your partner’s ejaculation is a gift to enjoy. While some have issues with oral relations and swallowing ejaculate because of the texture, others relish the taste and feel of his seed. It is of course your choice, but be sure to talk to your partner about your concerns.

A women should smell like her desire, Hot, spicy, natural. With the exception of the food flavor cross overs a woman‘s scent should not be ‘fishy’ or ’sour’ unless there is an infection or illness. A women who ejaculates may have ejaculate that is clear and taste free or slightly milky with more of a pungent aroma. This is again a matter of different bodies producing different results. Dehydration, food flavours or illness can cause a stronger taste in a woman’s ejaculate as it does with men.

Body Odour we all have a unique scent. Designed and created specifically to attract the opposite sex. It has been said that if your partner’s natural scent does not appeal to you, you may have chosen the wrong one. Now, don’t freak out if you don’t enjoy the sweaty body of your lover fresh from the gym. I am not talking about three days sweating at work without taking a shower, but a reasonably clean body that is functioning normally

Piercings; can change the dynamics of sexual relations for both partners. While adding intense pleasure they can also be an area of concern in certain circumstances.  Intense stimulation should be monitored to prevent tearing. If a piercing is new or you have not had … with one before don’t hesitate to ask for help. Safety first.

Nipple Abrasions- Repeated attention to the nipples can cause over-sensitivity. This can be a very good thing and yet equally disturbing if you can barely stand the brush of a t-shirt across the puckered nipples that will not say die: time, an antibiotic ointment, and a smile remembering how it happened, will decrease the sensitivity.

Bruising and Abrasions: Most brusing/abrasions caused by rougher sex play, are hamless. we even think that bruses, scrapes and angry red marks, can be a sexy reminder of a particularily hot session. Warm or cool compresses, a hot soak in epsom salts or an antibiotic ointment will take care of most issues. Any bruises or break in the skin that does not heal or looks infected will require the attention of a medical doctor. Always err on the side of caution.  

To swallow or not?

Male ejaculate is a simple substance containing sperm, plasma, and prostate fluid. It has been described as salty, slightly bitter or pure ambrosia. Some partners prefer to refrain from swallowing while others relish each and every drop. Some enjoy the feel of their partners ejaculate on their skin as part of the experience.

Although at times it may seem your partner is ejaculating copious amounts of semen generally an emission is no more than a couple of tablespoons full. It has been suggested that certain foods, especially fruits can sweeten the deal (see Scent of a lover) Discuss your feeling with your partner. With men it is usually obvious when they are about to explode so, it won’t come without warning. Pun intended,

Lube it up

As with women a man’s arousal level does not always directly correlate with his lubrication. With a circumcised male there is not lubrication at all. Lube is always a good idea when extended sex play is planned. Chafing for a male can be extremely uncomfortable.  In extreme cases the skin may break or tear and leave room for bacteria to enter. 

A good water based lube will be a valuable tool for your play chest. Always use lube when toys are involved. Although they may look and feel like the real thing, they are not as flexible or accommodating as the human body and in the heat of the moment you may be trying to force a square peg in a round hole. Safety first!

Wear a Raincoat? 

Condom use is recommended when having relations with a new partner. Once in a committed monogamous relationship you may choose to not, but until then …Safety First!

Not all condoms are created equally. Choose a brand you are comfortable with and feel it is a quality product. Not a good time to skimp on generics. Make the process fun for both of you. Take turns being the “installer”. Let your partner practice using their mouth to put it on. Try textured, smooth, thin, thick based on your sensitivity level or as a treat for your partner. And by the way, they say less than 5% of all men need extra-large!  

If using a condom with spermicide for birth control reasons, be sure to try it out before a big night out. Some have had issues- both partners- with the chemicals and an uncomfortable burning sensation in your genitals will definitely kill the mood. Don’t wait for your honeymoon to try them!

Dental Dams are also available to be used during oral sex. A piece of plastic worn in the mouth for protection from STDs. Again, safety is required with certain partners and new partners, but ultimately it is about trust. Trusting that your partner is not exposing you to any disease either aware or unaware.

Keep it clean

Proper hygiene is essential in the bedroom. Not only is it considerate of your partner, but is a matter of keeping yourself healthy. A sex shower or bath for two is great foreplay.

Always remember to wash both partners’ genitals when finished with anal play before moving on. Bacteria from the rectum can cause both UTI’s and vaginal infections and can infect the penis as well.

Douching is not recommended except in extreme circumstances. Douching affects the natural PH of the vaginal cavity and can cause more issues than it solves.

Anal douching or enema is not necessary before or after anal sex. In most cases if your bowel habits are normal you should not have issues. It is a matter of personal preference, but keeping the anus /rectum clean and fresh is essential for anal/oral play.


Loved it
Sunday, 12 May 2019  |  Britt

I love this one. Nice and dirty with multiple "scenes".

Sunday, 12 May 2019  |  Britt

I am a big fan of Essemoh but this one was a waste of money. Was expecting more from a XXX.

Beautiful Booty
Friday, 19 April 2019  |  anon

I really enjoyed this new title. Ms. Kitten gives a thrilling performance as usual. What I liked about this recording is it was easy to imagine her in the spooning position. It's a little short at only 10 minutes long, but it is pretty explosive. She knows how to play the role of the adventurous girlfriend very well. Also, who do I give a compliment for the artwork of this album? It is breathtaking.