Mine to Use : XXX Master BDSM Extreme DEV for Women

Triple XXX
Mine to Use : XXX Master BDSM Extreme DEV for Women
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This is the one that broke me
Monday, 2 May 2016  | 

This is the audio that pushed me over the edge in a good way. It broke through any last barriers I had psychologically.

As a listener, I went into the subspace of being the slave and wanting to do whatever would please my master.

I had 5 orgasms and I listen again and again.

this audio ignites a spark and then it is all fireworks from there.

Check it out for yourself.

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Thanks for the great review. DEVŠ is a very powerful experience. We are pleased you have found it freeing and satisfying.

If you wondered what it might be like to mate with a partner who was a little rough and very demanding then this DEV audio experience is a must try. For 24 minutes I take you in every way I can and you are overwhelmed, surrendering yourself and becoming my toy to use as I desire. From the first few minutes the sex is hard and relentless. Note that this experience includes multiple orgasms in multiple positions, oral and anal sex. It will leave you trembling, aching and soaking wet...

This experience uses the Sensual Hypnosis technique of Directed Erotic Visualisation© to take you into the heart of amazing erotic fantasy experiences.

These are not Audio books, Directed Erotic Visualisation is an erotic experience. Don't leave without your orgasm!

Bondage, Domination/submission, Non Consent, Paranormal/Non-Human, Pleasure/Pain, Humiliation and Multiple Partner experiences are just a few of the more extreme erotic delights that you can discover through Directed Erotic Visualisation© Triple XXX Experiences. Where are your boundaries? Would you like to find out?

This is what some women listeners have said:

'God that was incredible. I've definitely needed that ;) You're so wicked and amazing and just... yeah. Thank you. :)' 

'I was aware the whole time so I didn't think I would feel what you suggested. However, I felt the relaxation, I felt the tingles, I felt the orgasm... and jumped at the arousal of your command to cum hard for you. I could listen to you anytime, not just in this setting. Your voice is very soothing.'

'The first two times I listened, I didn't orgasm, though I was very aroused. When I listened the third time I had the best orgasm ever! The voice is very sexy and just hearing it gets me all wet.'

 'I've been experiencing aftershocks all day...really appreciate how much love and respect you convey in your audio. Your voice and words made me feel beautiful and sexy - exactly what great sex should  do."

“I cannot believe how many orgasms I just had! This is incredible. I am still shaking and can’t wait to do it again! Love it!”

“The voice, the exquisite story, the raw power of surrender. I have never experienced anything like this. I am hooked. Please do it again and again and…

"Usually, when I listen to these [audio stories] I fall asleep and nothing happens but with you I cum over and over again. "

"Mm your audios leave me breathless and trembling and I love how you add a little aftercare at the end of your audios, Sir. While I continue trembling and gasping from my orgasms I can still feel you soothing me and my body down from an intense high leaving goosebumps all over my body and my nipples hard and aching for more"

Narrated by Essemoh

For Adults Only: Sexually explicit language and audio imagery combined with guided suggestion.

 Warning: Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while listening to this program and for at least half an hour afterwards.


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