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Nik Havert

This month our author’s spotlight is shining on all-round Renaissance Man - Nik Havert

 AP: Nik, you wrote a great story for our Voyeur Eyes Only anthology in partnership with D.L. King and Xcite books. Your sense of humor made for a great read.

 Thanks. I have written in many genres – even my BDSM erotica is often laced with humor.

I love to throw the "average Joe and Jane" characters into kinky situations. Toss in some snappy dialogue and usually humor will follow. I also write under the pseudonym Nicole Wolfe in select erotica anthologies. My lesbian fiction is wildly popular.

 AP: Sounds like you are really exploring your voice. Is there anything else you like to write?  

 Yes, when I am not writing what I like to call "silly stories about people fucking," I write and publish comic books and graphic novels. Both under my DIY banner of Pickle Press, and for other publishers.

AP: The whole comic book and Graphic Novel scene is fascinating. Could you tell us more about that?

I have been writing, editing, lettering, and self-publishing many genres of comics since 2003. I also have written and published comic books for many internationally known fetish and glamour models.

 AP: Essemoh is jealous! (I hope you haven’t given him any ideas.) Do you have any new projects in the pipeline?

 My newest adult projects are two new naughty comics - "More Tentacle Love" featuring fetish and glamour models Isobel Wren and Titania Lyn, and "Mars Needs MILF's" with adult film hall of famer, Debi Diamond. I'm also nearly done with a comic book thriller (non-adult) featuring girl-girl adult film star Sinn Sage.

 AP: You do stay busy. What do you do with your free time, when you’re not writing?

I am constantly waging a war against free time! I also am the punk / alternative rock editor for Outlaw Music Magazine and Kick Ass Music Women. I DJ part-time for the University of Notre Dame's college rock show and I am a horror movie host on the YouTube show, "Weird-O-Rama." Oh, and I like to attend comic book and horror movie conventions. I am known for writing haiku poems and custom short stories for fans on the spot.

AP: Looks to us as though you are winning that war. Dare we ask – anything that doesn’t involve work - just for pleasure’s sake?

I am an avid lover of cult films, good music, natural root beer, organic foods, the American southwest, women of all shapes, my pets, and of course, my amazing wife.

 AP: When do you sleep? Are we missing anything?

I also teach martial arts and I am a full-time crime fighter.

 AP: Our heads are spinning — we’re starting to feel like slackers! Nik, thank you so much for finding the time to visit with us today. We enjoyed learning more about you.


You can find out more about Nik’s multiple personalities at: 

   Facebook: Nicole Wolfe

   Youtube: Weird-O-Rama

   Twitter: @NikHavert

It really surprised
Sunday, 15 April 2018  |  Stine

At first, i did not think that the suggestions would work. It really suprised me how great and surpising it was . It was magical for me

Mind Blowing
Friday, 16 March 2018  |  anonss

Hey, I'm just writing to say that I was very impressed with this title. The writing is razor sharp on this one. I have listened to a bunch of these titles by now and this is certainly one of the best. I have always been a Jezebel fan and this is truly a gift to all of her fans. Like I wrote earlier, the writing is extra crisp and as usual her delivery is perfect. It always amazes me how there are some many ways to describe love making and make it set apart from other recordings. Also, I like the holiday flair of this title. You can practically see Jezebel making the snowbound travel to pleasure you. There is a bubble bath scene that gracefully leads to an amazing romp of missionary sex on a bed. This title will effortlessly help a man visualize his crush in the most romantic and comforting way possible.

One of the Best
Thursday, 15 March 2018  |  Joanna

This remains one of my favorites from Essemoh to this day. The setup for the scenario is perfectly done and does well to escalate to the intimate reunion with the one that "got away". Essemoh is very sweet, tender, and affectionate and for me personally, that's an automatic favorite.

I do only have one small negative note, but it's relatively minor and doesn't detract a great deal from the experience. This scenario involves narrative running over the scripted action and "sound effects". So, there are parts where Essemoh is narrating over his own scenario dialogue. I understand that it's meant to guide your thoughts as the action is happening, but I feel like I miss out on the scenario stuff because he is narrating over it. I appreciate narration, but personally, I like it a lot more when Essemoh is acting the part and doing dialogue (sweet talk, etc.).

But like I said, it's a small complaint and I still highly recommend this particular audio for your collection.