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Max Sandford

Max Sandford began his career as a private detective. Through a telephoto lens, a pair of binoculars, a crack in a closet door, he has observed human nature in its rawest form; finding that people will risk just about anything to get laid.

His ability to transport you to another world with his concise yet detailed writing, sweeps you up in a whirlwind of pleasure, pain, fear and sensation.





This time on Author in the Spotlight, eSensual Editors, Genevieve Ash and Essemoh Teepee are giving newcomer and erotic crime writer, Max Sandford the third degree.


Welcome to the Spotlight Max, thanks for agreeing to take part. Here we all are in the basement of the Manor House and we are excited to be publishing your first novel length story, 365 hours. Essemoh and I have a few questions for you that we hope you will answer for the readers. 

Your bio on our Authors in Focus page is a bit brief, is there anything you can add?


I like to keep the personal part and the public writing side of my life apart, it makes it a little hard to do the day job if people come up when I am on a surveillance job and want me to sign a book for them. That’s why there is not a Photo of me on the web.


I can sympathise, but why did you start writing?


I used to sit and think a lot, my job involves watching people and I kept making up stories about the people I saw, imagining their characters and what they got up to when I wasn’t watching. I guess I just started scribbling plots and story lines down in the dull moments on the job.


You have written a few short stories for us and of course the book, 356 hours, how much of the book is realistic?


I get impatient with some TV shows and books when the action and storyline is just plain dumb. I like things to be as real as possible. It’s OK to fantasize a little but I like to ground my stories in as much of the truth as possible. The piece I did for ‘Cream of the Crop:Disciplined Sex’, ‘Safeword’ was from a conversation I overheard between a couple of girls in a café when I was following a target. They were talking about a night out at a BDSM club, I just added in a couple of touches of my own and a joke. But I will let the readers work that out for themselves.

I have another short piece coming out in your new anthology, ‘The 2nd Oldest Profession: Sexy Seductive Spies’,‘O.H.M.S’. All of the facts in that story are accurate and verifiable. Of course I didn’t include the detailed recipe for the liquid high explosive, even though it’s already on the web. It’s a very dark story.

I wrote the novel a few years ago, but I felt there was something missing to the story so I re wrote some elements and brought it to you with a new title.

Again the things I describe, the places, the people and what they do are all real. It is a very dark piece about human trafficking, abduction and sexual torture for pleasure but I tried to inject some romance. A friend called it a scary story but the transformation of the main character she found fascinating.


It is a very erotic book but I agree it is a little frightening, even more so that it does happen for real. How did you come up with the title?


Nicolette, the main character is taken off the street against her will and held as a sex slave for two weeks. A lot happens to her and she changes a great deal through the piece. There are 365 hours in the two weeks she is held captive. It seemed to work for me as the hours felt like days to her.


Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?


Romance! The sex is fine; a lot of my work revolves around what people will do for and to each other for sex. I don’t get to see much of the softer side of people in my business so I have to work really hard to get any romance into my writing.


I can only agree with you there Max. What are your current projects?


There is another erotic thriller bubbling on the back burner, again about the international sex trade but this is set in the Mediterranean and the Canaries. There is more sex slavery, BDSM and some adventure and blockbuster style scenes. The working title is ‘#44 Paseo Maritimo’. I am also researching for a serial killer story with a couple of cops who are as much into each other as they are in trying to catch the perp.


Thank you, Max. It looks like you are keeping busy. We look forward to reading your new work.

If any reader would like to e-mail Max about his writing and anything he has said here, please send your comments to


His latest book, ‘365hours’ is available exclusively on Amazon until the New Year you can find it here

‘Cream of the Crop:Disciplined Sex’ is published in partnership with Xcite Books and you can find it here

And ‘The 2ndOldest Profession:  Sexy Seductive Spies’ is to be released in partnership with Renaissance books in the near future

See you all next time when we put another author In the Spotlight.







J'aime tellement cette audio! 😍❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Saturday, 19 August 2017  |  Chris

I consider 'Je T'aime: Let's Make Love' to be a prime showcase of Eve's Garden's strengths as a erotic performer and writer. It resonates strongly with me in several ways: as an intensely-charged erotic fantasy that quickens my blood so as to surge red-hot through my veins and keep me hard as steel for the majority of its 24 minute duration, as an achingly intimate and romantic portrait of the powerfully sensual connection between two passionate souls, and, because I could comprehend some of "la langue de l'amour" she's sprinkled liberally throughout, the way she is able to so beautifully express herself whether it be in English or French. But if you do not speak French, fear not, dear listener, for she has graciously translated much of it in a conversationally seamless, natural manner to ensure her messages of pure love and adoration melt your Anglophone heart!
Whenever I listen to Je T'aime, I can sincerely feel without a doubt that I am truly loved, a testament to the sheer immersive quality, the professional production values, and my impression that Eve's Garden has earnestly poured much of her heart and soul into the creation of this erotic masterpiece.

Review of Pool Party
Tuesday, 15 August 2017  |  Anon

This is a good product. The author weaves a sexy story effortlessly. I look forward to more of these audio books. I must say that the album cover looked so hot that I just had to buy it!

Who needs a swimsuit?
Saturday, 12 August 2017  |  AnonS

This is truly a delightful audio recording of the erotic nature. The woman has a cute & sexy laugh too. You really feel like you are there in the wilderness at night in the arms of a beautiful lady. Thank YOU for making this!