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Hot Octopuss Pulse II Duo

I won a Guybrator! Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo


Review by Essemoh Teepee

Eroticon, as always, was full of surprises this year. If the dynamic presenters, connections with friends old and new, and extracurricular activities were not enough, (see last week’s blog) I won an exciting new product to test!

The Pulse II ‘male stimulator’ created by the sensational people at Hot Octopuss is a unique experience. Unlike a number of Male Masturbation aids on the market, this one actually looks the business. Matt Black and High Tech, it is designed by folks who talk the talk and from what I have discovered thus far, also, know how to walk the walk.

I have not used any male masturbation products before, so this was all new to me. I did not really have any expectations. I have felt vibrations from other couple’s toys in the past, which really did very little for me, but the pulse technology seemed more promising.

The open sleeve design is soft and comfortable, seems a little simple at first glance, but it wasn’t until I turned it on that I understood what the fuss was about. The sleeve is well designed to hit all the right spots. There is a great selection of settings to suit the user and their partner—did I mention it works with couples, too? The device (Pulse Duo) can be worn by the male and the extended curved end is positioned to allow a woman to lean against this for vibration as well. Although it can be a little awkward at first, once you make contact- well, let’s just say it works well as foreplay for couples!

I used it as a stationary toy and allowed it to do its magic. I just had to lie back and think of... well, a gentleman never tells! While vibration can be numbing, the pulsation is something else entirely. A very interesting sensation indeed!

You may also use lube and slide it like a masturbatory sleeve. Your choice, mix and match! The product is designed to work both with or without an erection and  sources site it is an excellent source of stimulation for men who suffer from ED.  Our popular Better Sex audio selections: Lie Back and…would be a perfect choice for using the toy with audio to increase blood flow and stimulation. A great way to involve your partner her as well, they can stimulate themselves as you are listening.

We actually feel that this toy is a great choice to utilize with any of our audios, especially those that may need a little something extra to take them over the edge. DEV© is incredibly powerful, but some (approximately 1/3 of our listeners) require extra practice or physical assistance to achieve orgasm. Check out the selections available at their website : and try the Pulse today. If you do use it with any of our DEV© experiences, please get in touch with comments. Your information is always safe with us.

My first sex toy review is officially at the end. I have some very important things to attend to… but maybe I should just test it out one more time to be sure!

Author’s Note: 07/11/15

I have had comments come in regarding use with DEV, that I would like to share.  Listener Mike  writes:

“What a great suggestion to pair a masturbation aid with DEV©. I have had ED issues for some time due to circulatory problems and your audios are the first time I have experienced pleasure in years. I was hesitant to try the Pulse for fear of disappointment, but I am glad I did! I have yet to achieve a ‘real’ orgasm yet, but I am definitely feeling pleasure. With Jezebel’s sultry voice guiding me, I am sure I will eventually get there. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

A teenage fantasy come true
Monday, 22 January 2018  |  Shadow

There are probably many of us that think about the one that got away. We think about what we should have done if we only knew what we know now, what could have been if we had only been brave enough to reach out and take that person in our arms, what we would do if we had another chance. It's a thought that can drive you mad, almost as mad as a sexual desire left unfulfilled for 10 years. So what happens when the one that got away happens to walk right up to you during your high school reunion and says "Hi"? Grace is about to show you.
What follows is a tango of tongues, a fucking of fingers, a massage of the mouth, the rhythmic rocking of bodies, the breathy sounds of sensuality, the delightfully dirty diction of one lost in lust, and a love once only a forgotten thought kindled for the first time - all happening in between the stars looking down from above and the unsuspecting graduates down below. You'll feel just like a teenager again, falling in love with your high school sweetheart. I dare not say more of the story, for it is one that should be experienced for yourself.
Instead, I'll highlight some of the qualities Grace alone brings to this audio adventure to, as the comedian Kevin Smith put it, "tickle your ear pussies." First is that she is a master of sounds. She understands what it takes to record quality erotic audio and provides all of the sound effects, both sampled and personally recorded (including some wet enough to make your mouth water), to immerse you into the world of this reunion. Also, if you have never heard erotic audio recorded through a binaural microphone, be prepared to be blown away as you hear Grace so close that you can actually feel her whispering right next to your ear and kissing along your neck. Second is that she has this amazing ability to talk dirty and make it feel like the most natural, glorious thing in the world. She breaks down every single sensation in exquisite, erotic ecstasy. Her voice is so sweetly seductive, hearing her say "fuck me" is like learning to curse in a foreign language: you know it's naughty but you just can't resist and it feels incredible.
Audios like this only come along once in 10 years. Are you willing to wait another 10 for the next one? I certainly hope not. So click the 'add to basket' button, check out, and enjoy your reunion. You and Grace have some catching up to do.