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For Authors

Manuscript Requirements

What we look for in submitted manuscripts.

We look for creative storytelling and original style.

We want you to weave tales of erotic fantasy and contemporary encounters by creating strong, dynamic and intelligent characters that your readers will remember.

Plot driven erotica that illustrates the relationship between key characters, ideally with a sex positive slant, but, it should always be valid and meaningful.

We want varying degrees of sex throughout the story, with lots of opportunity for erotic exploration, interwoven with levels of tension and passion.

We want meaningful and expressive language that is thoughtfully explicit, but suitable for the storyline. Please keep euphemisms to a minimum.

We want writers who have a unique and new approach and a writing style that sets them apart from the rest. You must have a true talent for storytelling with an erotic flavour and write in a way that is suitable for a listening as well as a reading audience.

We accept and encourage gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual and heterosexual stories.

What we ask for in submitted manuscripts.

We only accept electronic communication. So, it's essential that you send your work to us in a readable e-format. Please only send MS Word .doc format NOT .docx (So save it in ‘Word 97 –2003’ format) or a .text document.

We will only accept the following:

  • Detailed synopsis of your book if it is a longer work (over 17,500 words), a brief paragraph in your covering e-mail if it is a shorter piece.
  • First 3 chapters and end chapter (short stories, please send in the whole manuscript)
  • Format with 1 inch margins, 1.5 lines spacing and standard 12 pt font. Times New Roman preferred.
  • Generally we accept any size of story from 2,500 to 50,000 words. However, our signature eB/A anthologies are limited to a maximum extent of 3,500 words per story.
  • Works will be published only if author owns all rights
  • No simultaneous submissions

Include your name, pen-name and contact e-mail in the Query e-mail, along with your synopsis and manuscript.

Send the submissions package to with the story title in the subjectline.

If your submission is for a themed call, please send to the specified email address on the call.

Publishing Rights

Your submission must have full rights available, including both digital and audio. If not, please don’t send it to us.


What's not acceptable? We only wish we could say nothing….

We're pretty open when it comes to creativity (we certainly don't want to stifle it), and will look at most story lines, but…we do have to give a nod towards the Establishment and the varying laws across the world!

  • NO paedophilia (This is NOT negotiable, EVER).
  • NO clearly non consensual sex as titillation. We accept that it may sometimes be used as part of a plotline, especially supporting character development, but definitely not as the prime focal point of the story!
  • NO scat or the grosser bodily functions as paraphilia (we don’t count squirting in this, that’s just good clean fun!)
  • NO necrophilia. Vampires, Ghosts, Zombies etc are OK. Just not the Coroner’s janitor getting it on with the contents of a body bag!
  • NO bestiality. This does not apply to shape-shifters and might not apply in a SF & F or tentacle/Hentai perspective.
  • NO clearly incestuous sex. Keep it legal so we can stay in business.

If you aren't sure, email us at and we can explore it.

Additional Information

Heat Ratings

Our heat ratings tell you how hot you will find the story:

eSensually Simmering - Sexy,explicit and highly imaginative, with a sensual side.

eSensually Boiling  - Explicit, highly imaginative and hot, wherealmost anything goes. These titles are very uninhibited in both sexual contentand description

eSensually Blistering - Theseare our XXX stories. They differ from the others only in the content of theplotlines, as they tend to be much hotter and very explicit. Some readers willfind them objectionable, so definitely not for the faint hearted!

eSensually Unusual Circumstances – this line is pure, unadulterated raunchy sex or covers the taboos and subjects that could be seen as extreme or offensive, pushing boundaries to the limits of what some deem acceptable. These works don’t necessarily have to have a ‘Happy everafter’ or ‘Happy for now’ conclusion.

Book Length

Our single author book lengths are divided into four categories:

Short Story – less than 7,500 words

Novelette – 7,500 – 17,500 words

Novella – 17,500 - 40,000 words

Novel – 40,000+ words

Our signature e-Book/Audio (eB/A) theme anthology stories will vary from 2,000 to 3,500 words with around 12 – 14 stories per eBook and 7 stories per volume of the Audio editions of the same anthology.


A teenage fantasy come true
Monday, 22 January 2018  |  Shadow

There are probably many of us that think about the one that got away. We think about what we should have done if we only knew what we know now, what could have been if we had only been brave enough to reach out and take that person in our arms, what we would do if we had another chance. It's a thought that can drive you mad, almost as mad as a sexual desire left unfulfilled for 10 years. So what happens when the one that got away happens to walk right up to you during your high school reunion and says "Hi"? Grace is about to show you.
What follows is a tango of tongues, a fucking of fingers, a massage of the mouth, the rhythmic rocking of bodies, the breathy sounds of sensuality, the delightfully dirty diction of one lost in lust, and a love once only a forgotten thought kindled for the first time - all happening in between the stars looking down from above and the unsuspecting graduates down below. You'll feel just like a teenager again, falling in love with your high school sweetheart. I dare not say more of the story, for it is one that should be experienced for yourself.
Instead, I'll highlight some of the qualities Grace alone brings to this audio adventure to, as the comedian Kevin Smith put it, "tickle your ear pussies." First is that she is a master of sounds. She understands what it takes to record quality erotic audio and provides all of the sound effects, both sampled and personally recorded (including some wet enough to make your mouth water), to immerse you into the world of this reunion. Also, if you have never heard erotic audio recorded through a binaural microphone, be prepared to be blown away as you hear Grace so close that you can actually feel her whispering right next to your ear and kissing along your neck. Second is that she has this amazing ability to talk dirty and make it feel like the most natural, glorious thing in the world. She breaks down every single sensation in exquisite, erotic ecstasy. Her voice is so sweetly seductive, hearing her say "fuck me" is like learning to curse in a foreign language: you know it's naughty but you just can't resist and it feels incredible.
Audios like this only come along once in 10 years. Are you willing to wait another 10 for the next one? I certainly hope not. So click the 'add to basket' button, check out, and enjoy your reunion. You and Grace have some catching up to do.