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KATT: Sci-fi Erotica

KATT: Sci-fi Erotica
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KATT : Sci-fi Erotica Audio BookKATT : Sci-fi Erotica Audio Book

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"Sir?" Katt said, half smiling at her Master. She would do anything for him. She ached to anticipate his every need so that he never had to ask. To serve him in every way was her purpose. It made her tremble and tingle all over if she could please him in even a small way. Her very being was attuned to his satisfaction.

Katt grew excited at the possibility that here was an opportunity to do as he willed, to please him.

"She's pretty enough, if a little... dainty for my tastes, Paul. What model is she?"

Katt carefully looked sideways at her Master’s guest so as not to catch his eye. He was about thirty, the same as her Master, tanned and obviously fit. Dark hair curled at the base of his neck and his brown eyes had a sparkle as he examined her. The toned muscles in his shoulders strained his soft clothing. Katt let her eyes track over his defined torso, naked skin visible through the gaping front of his dress shirt. He was not someone she knew from earlier visits, and her memory was flawless, so there were many possibilities for the next few minutes.

"Katt, present for Trader Jonathan," Paul spoke firmly, his tone making her shiver, the moist tingling between her legs became more intense.

Gracefully Katt gripped the hem of her tunic. She swept it off over her head in a single feminine undulation. The cloth caught her full breasts; tugging on her erect nipples and making her breath catch at the sudden ache.
Sinking to her knees in front of the two men, she sat on her heels with her back arched. Keeping her eyes downcast, avoiding eye contact was required in these situations. Katt rested her hands on her knees and swept them apart. She spread her thighs wide, opening herself to their gaze.
With both hands Katt tugged at her nipples to make them even harder. Reaching up she undid her long platinum hair, shaking it out from the black ribbon that held it. Once free it cascaded around her rose alabaster shoulders, falling to the base of her spine...

The shadows in the canyon grew deeper, turning from magenta to purple as the burning sun moved in the sky. In a complex interplay of tropisms and chemical reactions, the thing under the sand snaked closer to the downed skiff. Sand grains hissed over each other as coiling tentacles moved below the baking surface.

Will Katt's Master find her before it is too late for the little android sex toy.

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KATT : Sci-fi Erotica Audio Book

KATT : Sci-fi Erotica Audio Book£3.99   £2.99

"Sir?" Katt said, half smiling at her Master. She would do anything for him. She ached to anticipate his every need so that he never had to ask. It made her tremble and tingle all over if she could please him in even a small way... The creature waited. Now it was close to the source. The sensations of moisture in the air drove it wild. Will Katt survive? This is Sci Fi with a BDSM twist and there are tentacles.

Every month should be Anal April
Monday, 2 July 2018  |  anonss

Overall, I think this lady did a fine job in crafting this erotic soundscape. Personally, I was hoping the sex part was going be in a more "bottom-centric" position like reverse cowgirl, spooning, doggy, or prone. So, for me, it just came a little short of achieving that level of true euphoria for me.

Superbly done
Wednesday, 13 June 2018  |  Peter

This was amazing, It was so hot. MsKitten has such a sultry voice and it really brought the experience to life, I felt like I was there!

“On a hot summer night, would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?”
Saturday, 9 June 2018  |  Valerie

As soon as I started playing Long Evening Night, these lyrics popped into my mind. I can safely say that this is In My Hands best work so far.
The audio feels like the perfect blend of relaxation, sensuality and primal sex. I absolutely loved how the tone of his voice changed from sensual to commanding and comforting toward the end. It's like a rollercoaster of emotions with just enough description to make you feel like you are there.
Just have a listen (or 10) you won’t regret it.