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D.L. King

D.L. King lives somewhere between The Big Wheel at Coney Island and the Chrysler
Building and has a passion for roasted chestnuts sold on the street—as long as
they aren’t burnt.  When they are, (And this happens far too frequently!)
the first thing that comes to mind is roasting some other nuts, you know the
ones I mean...

D.L. King used to enjoy manipulating those surveys taken in school, remember, the
ones that told you what career you’d be best suited to.  It was easy to get them
to come out however you wanted.  If you wanted to be a brain surgeon, back in
the fifth grade, lo and behold, the survey people would back you up and proclaim
MEDICINE.”  (Yep, I wanted to be a brain surgeon in the fifth

But most of the time D. L. King wanted to be a writer, and so most of the time the
GOING INTO WRITING.”  Of course, D. L. King didn’t grow up to be a writer—not
until about four years ago when, upon sitting down at the computer, a novel
spewed forth from busily typing fingertips for no apparent reason.

Hey, not only was it a novel but, it was a very smutty novel—and it turned everyone on, well, at
least those who read it, whether they professed an interest in the subject
matter or not.  And they all, each and every one of them said, “How do YOU
know about this stuff?”  Well, that’s neither here nor there, is it, and of
very little interest in any case.

The infamous novel, The Melinoe Project, has just been accepted for publication by
Renaissance E Books.  And so you won’t ask later, after you’ve read it, yes,
there is a sequel. 

Find out more at D.L. King's site by clicking on this link here


It really surprised
Sunday, 15 April 2018  |  Stine

At first, i did not think that the suggestions would work. It really suprised me how great and surpising it was . It was magical for me

Mind Blowing
Friday, 16 March 2018  |  anonss

Hey, I'm just writing to say that I was very impressed with this title. The writing is razor sharp on this one. I have listened to a bunch of these titles by now and this is certainly one of the best. I have always been a Jezebel fan and this is truly a gift to all of her fans. Like I wrote earlier, the writing is extra crisp and as usual her delivery is perfect. It always amazes me how there are some many ways to describe love making and make it set apart from other recordings. Also, I like the holiday flair of this title. You can practically see Jezebel making the snowbound travel to pleasure you. There is a bubble bath scene that gracefully leads to an amazing romp of missionary sex on a bed. This title will effortlessly help a man visualize his crush in the most romantic and comforting way possible.

One of the Best
Thursday, 15 March 2018  |  Joanna

This remains one of my favorites from Essemoh to this day. The setup for the scenario is perfectly done and does well to escalate to the intimate reunion with the one that "got away". Essemoh is very sweet, tender, and affectionate and for me personally, that's an automatic favorite.

I do only have one small negative note, but it's relatively minor and doesn't detract a great deal from the experience. This scenario involves narrative running over the scripted action and "sound effects". So, there are parts where Essemoh is narrating over his own scenario dialogue. I understand that it's meant to guide your thoughts as the action is happening, but I feel like I miss out on the scenario stuff because he is narrating over it. I appreciate narration, but personally, I like it a lot more when Essemoh is acting the part and doing dialogue (sweet talk, etc.).

But like I said, it's a small complaint and I still highly recommend this particular audio for your collection.