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D.L. King

D.L. King lives somewhere between The Big Wheel at Coney Island and the Chrysler
Building and has a passion for roasted chestnuts sold on the street—as long as
they aren’t burnt.  When they are, (And this happens far too frequently!)
the first thing that comes to mind is roasting some other nuts, you know the
ones I mean...

D.L. King used to enjoy manipulating those surveys taken in school, remember, the
ones that told you what career you’d be best suited to.  It was easy to get them
to come out however you wanted.  If you wanted to be a brain surgeon, back in
the fifth grade, lo and behold, the survey people would back you up and proclaim
MEDICINE.”  (Yep, I wanted to be a brain surgeon in the fifth

But most of the time D. L. King wanted to be a writer, and so most of the time the
GOING INTO WRITING.”  Of course, D. L. King didn’t grow up to be a writer—not
until about four years ago when, upon sitting down at the computer, a novel
spewed forth from busily typing fingertips for no apparent reason.

Hey, not only was it a novel but, it was a very smutty novel—and it turned everyone on, well, at
least those who read it, whether they professed an interest in the subject
matter or not.  And they all, each and every one of them said, “How do YOU
know about this stuff?”  Well, that’s neither here nor there, is it, and of
very little interest in any case.

The infamous novel, The Melinoe Project, has just been accepted for publication by
Renaissance E Books.  And so you won’t ask later, after you’ve read it, yes,
there is a sequel. 

Find out more at D.L. King's site by clicking on this link here


A teenage fantasy come true
Monday, 22 January 2018  |  Shadow

There are probably many of us that think about the one that got away. We think about what we should have done if we only knew what we know now, what could have been if we had only been brave enough to reach out and take that person in our arms, what we would do if we had another chance. It's a thought that can drive you mad, almost as mad as a sexual desire left unfulfilled for 10 years. So what happens when the one that got away happens to walk right up to you during your high school reunion and says "Hi"? Grace is about to show you.
What follows is a tango of tongues, a fucking of fingers, a massage of the mouth, the rhythmic rocking of bodies, the breathy sounds of sensuality, the delightfully dirty diction of one lost in lust, and a love once only a forgotten thought kindled for the first time - all happening in between the stars looking down from above and the unsuspecting graduates down below. You'll feel just like a teenager again, falling in love with your high school sweetheart. I dare not say more of the story, for it is one that should be experienced for yourself.
Instead, I'll highlight some of the qualities Grace alone brings to this audio adventure to, as the comedian Kevin Smith put it, "tickle your ear pussies." First is that she is a master of sounds. She understands what it takes to record quality erotic audio and provides all of the sound effects, both sampled and personally recorded (including some wet enough to make your mouth water), to immerse you into the world of this reunion. Also, if you have never heard erotic audio recorded through a binaural microphone, be prepared to be blown away as you hear Grace so close that you can actually feel her whispering right next to your ear and kissing along your neck. Second is that she has this amazing ability to talk dirty and make it feel like the most natural, glorious thing in the world. She breaks down every single sensation in exquisite, erotic ecstasy. Her voice is so sweetly seductive, hearing her say "fuck me" is like learning to curse in a foreign language: you know it's naughty but you just can't resist and it feels incredible.
Audios like this only come along once in 10 years. Are you willing to wait another 10 for the next one? I certainly hope not. So click the 'add to basket' button, check out, and enjoy your reunion. You and Grace have some catching up to do.