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Cream of the Crop

Cream of the Crop
Our Price:  £9.99

Brand:  eSensual Books



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Cream of the Crop: Disciplined Sex. A riding crop is a potent symbol of mastery and dominance over the powerful natural force of a magnificent steed between your legs. To many it also signifies surrendering to sexual pleasure. Cream of the Crop is a Baker’s Dozen of erotic adventures in sexual surrender following the chance discovery of a mysterious riding crop. The stories involve a crop that is found in an unexpected place and … ‘ The tattered tag attached to it read, “This crop is travelling the world and has been found by you. Use it in any way you see fit and send your story to the email address listed below before passing it along to the next lucky recipient”.’

In these erotically charged stories, domination and submission has many exciting manifestations. What would you do with a riding crop? A Pleasure to Meet You by Genevieve Ash is a hot tale of a hetero couple meeting in the flesh for the very first time, but their relationship is already torrid. ‘ Flying halfway around the world to meet her online lover seemed like a good idea when they had planned it. The excitement and anticipation had kept her wet for months. Now, as she waited to hear the swipe of the key in the lock, she wasn’t so sure … What if he really wanted to tie her up and whip her like they had joked about ?’ Will the fantasy be realised to the full and what part will the crop play in their explorations?

A Ride Home From the Library by Ms Peach has the unexpected find of the riding crop in a good old-fashioned library. A couple, who met in the library and have grown into a dominant/submissive hetero relationship, find that the spice of switching is new and exciting. Libraries are good for you. ‘Sure, you can get more information from the Internet, but, I mean, come on … can’t get spanked by a mysterious riding crop on the web, now can you?’ When will you visit the library?

In Catherine’sCrop by Jen Gordy, Darlene and Stanley are “doing Europe”; if it’s Tuesday it must be England! On the train from Paris to London, something magical happens after they find the crop and both hold it. They are transported into a period world of passion, lust, and naked desire. Arriving at their destination, they wake with just a little more than when they began their journey.

Nadia and Shelley are going through a bad patch in Detour by Giselle Renarde. A betrayal stands between them and the rift needs healing. A package left by the front door allows the lesbian couple to work out their issues. Will a little applied pain and surrender help them recover their deeply emotional connection?

Winter Sunburn by EssemohTeepee is about a mature woman being free to take a winter break for the first time. Lost after her life has significantly changed, a chance discovery of the crop in the foyer of her holiday hotel opens up an erotic new path for her to tread. ‘ She looked down at the well-used leather in her hands and let her imagination take her on a journey.’ What she finds at the end of that path is something quite special.

Sabine picks up the mysterious crop a ta tea shop and invites a girlfriend over to play! In the Pink by Anandalila is a gorgeous “Rom Dom” of a tale! Read what happens between them as she explores her crush on her best friend Nicki and discovers her naughty past. ‘“Honestly Nicki, I just can’t picture you as a dominatrix. Pretend I’m your client. What would you do with me?” Nicki took a slow breath before she replied. This could get very interesting, she thought to herself.’

Per Your Request by DominicSanti is a note from a very proper gentleman, a master in his own house, writing to the owner of the travelling crop. He tells of being adventurous with his new-found toy and sampling some different delights to his usual practice. ‘I usually prefer to play with women. But this beautiful young man was so eager, so hungry for the direction of a firm hand …’

Veronica Adams is bored to distraction with her older husband, Dean. Embrace,by M. Marie, finds them at a couples’ retreat where her overly enthusiastic husband has dragged her along against her better judgement. The weekend is shaping up to be as dire as Veronica expected when Dean discovers a riding crop at the back of the closet in their room. ‘She rolled the slender implement between her fingers, admiring its attractive, braided leather handle and the metal studs travelling along its length. It was her first time holding a crop and she was surprised at the weight and presence of the item … as well as the erotic ideas it brought to mind.

 Meet Sharon and Mindy, a couple of London girls who are looking for some thrills. In Safeword by MaxSandford, Sharon has found a toy on her way home from vacation and the pair take it with them to a Munch. Find out what happens. ‘The small room was full of the smell of sex and my mouth was full of Mr Kipling’s fingers. I was sucking my come off them. I don’t know how many orgasms I had had but I was hot, sweaty, and wanting more. It didn’t matter that I was being used by a stranger; he was very good at it. ’

His for the Afternoon by Vanessa Devereaux shows us Claire and Simon meeting for an afternoon of exquisite stolen pleasure. The chance find of a new plaything adds a great deal of interest to their intriguing clandestine tryst. ‘“Who would have thought a simple riding crop could cause this much pleasure and excitement,’ I whispered.

’ An ordinary suburban mother drops her children with grandma to babysit, but in Chance, by Sadey Quinn, she has a dirty, sexy little secret. ‘When I’m in his bedroom I know I am his. I’m no longer in charge of my life, my children, my job. It’s all him. It’s both relieving and terrifying. It’s that feeling, that walk, that conscious walking of the plank … It feels so good! It feels so fucking good to make that walk.’

Breaking in the Riding Crop by Eva Hore is all about fantasy; we all have them. ‘The image of the two of them with the flickering of light playing over their flesh tantalized and tortured my aching cock. I almost laughed at my own erotic imagination as I summoned up scene after scene.’ His fantasy includes a ménage with a couple of fantastic women conjured up after a brief call to the owner of the riding crop he had found on his daily commuter train.

A missed connection, time on your hands and a little boredom can lead to mischief – find out just how much in I’ll Have What He’s Having, by Lily Gower. ‘Taking the stool next to hers, he caught a glimpse of her elegant profile and smiled. He knew she was way out of his league, but what the hell, he thought. ’ Next time you are travelling, check behind the seats and on the luggage rack. You never know what you might find to add a little discipline and spice to your recreation. 

An alternate universe of an already amazing audio.
Sunday, 7 January 2018  |  Shadow

I'll get this out of the way in saying that this is an alternate version of the original Sexbot, but that is by no means a bad thing. I won't cover everything I loved about the first again, but you can read my original review on it over there if you would like. Instead, I'll focus on what's different. Mainly, it's how involved your partner, Grace, gets between you and your robotic lover. It starts out subtly, kisses along your back and shoulders as she presses into you while you press into the randy robot. It's a sexual sandwich with you and your meat (ha!) in the center. Everything Grace does is to enhance what goes on between you and the robot. By the end, though, Grace shows you just who you belong to and won't be satisfied until she's had a taste. A very different, but very hot and wet 'finish' from the original.
Which one is my favorite? Honestly, that's not a question I think I can answer. The first had something that Grace does that I had never even seen before and turned me on thinking about it. This one had a passion hunger out of her that also really turned me on. Can I just answer and say both? That may be cheating, but that's my answer.
Buy both!

A unique and wonderful take on the fantasy
Sunday, 7 January 2018  |  Shadow

I've listened to a couple of audios for this type of fantasy (I'm a scifi fan so this is right up my alley) and I have to say that this is the most refreshing and delightfully surprising take on it that I have heard.
It answers the difficult question (How should a sex robot act?) while simultaneously erasing the stigma regarding the fantasy by having your partner, expertly played by Grace, along with you for the experience. If the robot was too real, it could ruin the very idea of the fantasy as well as give a feeling of guilt at the end, like you've been cheating. Although some like that aspect, and I respect that. Here, the sexbot is basically a super advanced, super realistic sex toy reacting physically (every dirty detail described by Grace) that your partner is encouraging you to give it to as hard as you can. She even gets turned on by it and, while I will not ruin the ending, I'll say that you will not be the only one cumming. What better encouragement could you have than that?
I'll also mention that I enjoyed the DEV aspects to this, especially its hypnosis like quality to send you deeper into the fantasy before it starts. It also helps set up something that can actually make you last longer and get more enjoyment all the way to the end (I might check out the DEV training system after this). Grace adapted these elements to her signature style beautifully, and I hope she might be involved with more DEV experiences in the future.
Summary: I'll be cumming back to this little version of Westworld for more fun. Highly recommended!

Sunday, 26 November 2017  |  Ruth

Absolutely better than most erotic audio that I have purchased. I really felt like I was there!