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Black Knight 3: The Yacht (Audio Book)

Black Knight 3: The Yacht (Audio Book)

Bar Code:  9781909074521
Brand:  eSensual Books



Length: 59 minutes

Currently this audio book is available to purchase from by clicking on this link BUY NOW

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Sarah Weston was doing well for herself. She had a good career and she had survived two years of marriage that had not been all bad, but had simply petered out. She had moved on. Then one day she met someone, someone who knew things about her that she had not even confessed to herself. He had plans for her, but first he would seduce her. Her Black Knight would take Sarah on a path into sensuality and surrender that would turn her inside out. Episode three in Sarah's journey is set on the sunny mediterranean island of Mallorca.

The Yacht:

My tummy felt full of tiny butterflies as the uniformed pilot came down the steps to take my bag. He helped me into the cabin of the executive plane and settled me into a leather seat before going forward. Neither he nor the limousine driver would tell me anything about Sir John or Jude. All I could think of on the plane as I sipped a glass of cold white wine, was my life had not been the same since our casual meeting at a conference. My work career had become boring interludes between seeing Sir John. Yet this was only my third visit in more than a month, the only passenger on a luxury private jet to the Balearics. The tingling sensation of the jewel in my navel was a constant reminder of other, deeper sensations I had experienced. Those thoughts made me grow wet imagining what might lie ahead. The jet flew me to the Mediterranean to arrive two hours later in Palma; taxiing to the executive terminal in one corner of the airport. The taxi driver at Palma was no more helpful. He shrugged at my questions and drove me at ridiculous speeds through dark scenery and night time postcard villages to my destination. The glittering marina was on the eastern side of the island, the sign in the headlights said 'Cala Longa'. The taxi drove slowly past impressive motor launches and yachts, from ten metre luxury boats, to some monsters more than thirty five metres long, moving gently at their moorings.

Ooh there's a big mirror!" Your tone was that of a naughty young girl and made me want to have you even more. I planned to undress you slowly, savouring every revelation. I wanted to kiss and taste your secret places; but, my wilful Sarah, you had other ideas. The guest cabin I gave you was generous for a yacht yet the big double bed filled the oval space. It was surrounded by polished dark wood cupboards and storage, soft thick carpet on the deck. You ran in from the stateroom, stripping off your top. Your delectable breasts bounced free, connecting directly with my stiffening erection. I wanted to bite your hard nipples until you cried out for me to stop. I needed to eat at your sex; my tongue lapping deeply until I drank your creamy juices as you came. Instead I said,"This is your cabin for the weekend, your place to be private or to entertain. May I come in?"

Narrated by Essemoh Teepee

An alternate universe of an already amazing audio.
Sunday, 7 January 2018  |  Shadow

I'll get this out of the way in saying that this is an alternate version of the original Sexbot, but that is by no means a bad thing. I won't cover everything I loved about the first again, but you can read my original review on it over there if you would like. Instead, I'll focus on what's different. Mainly, it's how involved your partner, Grace, gets between you and your robotic lover. It starts out subtly, kisses along your back and shoulders as she presses into you while you press into the randy robot. It's a sexual sandwich with you and your meat (ha!) in the center. Everything Grace does is to enhance what goes on between you and the robot. By the end, though, Grace shows you just who you belong to and won't be satisfied until she's had a taste. A very different, but very hot and wet 'finish' from the original.
Which one is my favorite? Honestly, that's not a question I think I can answer. The first had something that Grace does that I had never even seen before and turned me on thinking about it. This one had a passion hunger out of her that also really turned me on. Can I just answer and say both? That may be cheating, but that's my answer.
Buy both!

A unique and wonderful take on the fantasy
Sunday, 7 January 2018  |  Shadow

I've listened to a couple of audios for this type of fantasy (I'm a scifi fan so this is right up my alley) and I have to say that this is the most refreshing and delightfully surprising take on it that I have heard.
It answers the difficult question (How should a sex robot act?) while simultaneously erasing the stigma regarding the fantasy by having your partner, expertly played by Grace, along with you for the experience. If the robot was too real, it could ruin the very idea of the fantasy as well as give a feeling of guilt at the end, like you've been cheating. Although some like that aspect, and I respect that. Here, the sexbot is basically a super advanced, super realistic sex toy reacting physically (every dirty detail described by Grace) that your partner is encouraging you to give it to as hard as you can. She even gets turned on by it and, while I will not ruin the ending, I'll say that you will not be the only one cumming. What better encouragement could you have than that?
I'll also mention that I enjoyed the DEV aspects to this, especially its hypnosis like quality to send you deeper into the fantasy before it starts. It also helps set up something that can actually make you last longer and get more enjoyment all the way to the end (I might check out the DEV training system after this). Grace adapted these elements to her signature style beautifully, and I hope she might be involved with more DEV experiences in the future.
Summary: I'll be cumming back to this little version of Westworld for more fun. Highly recommended!

Sunday, 26 November 2017  |  Ruth

Absolutely better than most erotic audio that I have purchased. I really felt like I was there!