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Family: Summer Break (Audio Book)

Family: Summer Break (Audio Book)
Our Price:  £1.19
List Price:  £1.99
Saving Of:  40%

Bar Code:  9781909074309
Brand:  eSensual Books



Length: 20 minutes

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Family: a series of stories in a year of the lives of two teenagers. Thrown together by their parents marriage, at first they were wary, uncertain if they even liked each other. It was the Summer Break when it began; Carl was to go away to university. It was when Emma discovered that she wanted to know Carl a whole lot better. Carl was conflicted; what was he going to do? Emma was family; he was on trust not to take advantage of her, wasn't he? Edgy, taboo explorations of their sensuality continue through the seasons. How will it end?

Emma paused outside the door to Carl's bedroom and listened. She could hear something between a squeak and a rhythmic tapping coming from inside. Curious, she gently pushed at the door with one finger; she told herself if it was locked she would go on her way to the garden. The door swung silently ajar and she could see Carl, reclining on his bed, magazines strewn about the floor. Carl's blue cotton shirt was undone and his tan shorts were pulled down around his thighs. The sound was from the bed moving under him and hitting the wall as he masturbated...

The electric blue bikini was new, a lot less to it than Emma's old costumes. The halter-top just two tiny triangles connected by spaghetti strings tied in a bow between her swelling breasts. Carl didn't recall those smooth globes of flesh being quite so full either, bulging out around the edges of her top, the thin shiny cloth outlining her peaky nipples. There was a cooling breeze as he crossed the lawn and he watched them harden into greater prominence at its caress...

Emma carefully prepared for the weekend. The assistant in the drugstore had given her a very knowing look as she checked out the economy size box of condoms and the giant size bottle of lubricant along with a cool hair scrunchie and some funky new eye shadow. Emma had just smiled sweetly back. The adults were going away, overnighting at mutual close friends to celebrate their housewarming. She and Carl had the house to themselves until late on Sunday.

Narrrated by Essemoh Teepee

Sunday, 26 November 2017  |  Ruth

Absolutely better than most erotic audio that I have purchased. I really felt like I was there!

So.. f--i-ng.. good!
Thursday, 16 November 2017  |  Charles

This was such a fantastic experience! The blend of relaxation and heavy teasing lead to an amazing orgasm and a delicious afterglow. Highly recommend!