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Loving Afterlife

Loving Afterlife
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Sensual anthology
Thursday, 5 May 2016  | 

I loved this anthology! Ms. Ash did a fantastic job. Dark and sexy, these stories kept my interest and I loved the sex scenes.

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This sexy collection of paranormal tales explores some of the age old mysteries of the Afterlife. Are some passions so strong that even death cannot quench their burning fire? Do some lovers need to be brought back to life long before their time has even come? Is true love enough to cross the barriers between two very different worlds?

In Love Always, a couple with desires that skirt the darker side of pleasure, find that safewords are created for a very important reason, but when that desire becomes stronger than common sense, more becomes the only word in their vocabulary. When is too much, more than enough? Will their insatiable need for one another be their undoing or will it be just the beginning of a new journey.

Longing to experience the emotions of a real woman, a succubus plays a game of make believe with her latest victim only to find that the pain of longing for what she cannot have is a little too real. Will Quentin be able to convince Corrine that his feelings are very real and that sometimes love is worth the incredible cost? In Fair Turnabout, sometimes the grass is indeed greener onthe other side.

A lonely young woman goes to her job every day, keeps to herself, and trudges home on the bus every evening. But in The Devil Inside, this ‘same old story’ takes a twisted turn as her mind and body, welcome the sensual attentions of a rather domineering demon. Will his instruction be enough to unleash the passion within her and set her free her to experience life’s carnal pleasures or will his exquisite touch ruin her for real men?

Can a lump of clay, a little water and warm hands create a living masterpiece? In Sculpting Life, a dead end job, a vivid imagination and unrequited love, collide to take Thierry on a mystical journey of pure pleasure that seems so real, he finally decides to risk rejection and approach the woman of his dreams. A sculptor, Esmeralda has forsworn love and poured all her passion into her work. Empty inside, she has nothing left to give to the clay or to Thierry. Asking him to pose for her brings an immediate intimacy, but will it be enough to make her let go of the past and let love in?

Some loves stay with us forever. A special memory we pull from deep inside our hearts to cherish from time to time. In Spirit of Venice, a man finds those memories are impossible to shake as the image of his lost love seems to haunt him everywhere he goes. If only he could touch her, just once more. Will a game of hide and seek through the magical city of Venice, bring her back to him? If our dreams are the reality of our subconscious, than perhaps anything is possible.

Praise for Genevieve Ash’s work;

Bondage at Sea published by Ellora’s Cave
“Genevieve Ash is something of a gem in the erotic romance genre. She has an amazing talent for writing erotic romance. Some stories leave the reader wondering what the point of the book was, but Ms. Ash raises the bar higher for what is to be expected from a Novella or short story.” Night Owl Reviews

Pleasure Haven published by Xcite Books
“If you have a short amount of time in which you want to read an erotic story, you may want to give this a try. This is a story that you will not want to put down until you have read the whole thing. I would absolutely read another of her books. Overall, I was very impressed with her writing style.”


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A teenage fantasy come true
Monday, 22 January 2018  |  Shadow

There are probably many of us that think about the one that got away. We think about what we should have done if we only knew what we know now, what could have been if we had only been brave enough to reach out and take that person in our arms, what we would do if we had another chance. It's a thought that can drive you mad, almost as mad as a sexual desire left unfulfilled for 10 years. So what happens when the one that got away happens to walk right up to you during your high school reunion and says "Hi"? Grace is about to show you.
What follows is a tango of tongues, a fucking of fingers, a massage of the mouth, the rhythmic rocking of bodies, the breathy sounds of sensuality, the delightfully dirty diction of one lost in lust, and a love once only a forgotten thought kindled for the first time - all happening in between the stars looking down from above and the unsuspecting graduates down below. You'll feel just like a teenager again, falling in love with your high school sweetheart. I dare not say more of the story, for it is one that should be experienced for yourself.
Instead, I'll highlight some of the qualities Grace alone brings to this audio adventure to, as the comedian Kevin Smith put it, "tickle your ear pussies." First is that she is a master of sounds. She understands what it takes to record quality erotic audio and provides all of the sound effects, both sampled and personally recorded (including some wet enough to make your mouth water), to immerse you into the world of this reunion. Also, if you have never heard erotic audio recorded through a binaural microphone, be prepared to be blown away as you hear Grace so close that you can actually feel her whispering right next to your ear and kissing along your neck. Second is that she has this amazing ability to talk dirty and make it feel like the most natural, glorious thing in the world. She breaks down every single sensation in exquisite, erotic ecstasy. Her voice is so sweetly seductive, hearing her say "fuck me" is like learning to curse in a foreign language: you know it's naughty but you just can't resist and it feels incredible.
Audios like this only come along once in 10 years. Are you willing to wait another 10 for the next one? I certainly hope not. So click the 'add to basket' button, check out, and enjoy your reunion. You and Grace have some catching up to do.