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Miss Kitten SK

Hello, I'm Kitten, experienced purveyor of deliciously decadent, dreamy, debauched and downright dirty erotic audio. Your kinky girl, your fantasy, your every desire wrapped up in a whisper. I've excited many naughty boys and girls, but now it's your turn. I'm here, I'm waiting for you, come play with me.

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Back Door

Back Door£9.99   £5.99


You're always welcome at Miss KittenSK's house and it is okay to use her Back Door. This incredibly hot Impossible Lovers for Men experience will definitely have you visiting her more often.

For My Master

For My Master£6.99   £4.19

MsKitten would dream of missing Spanksgiving and in this eSb Audio Erotica experience she will tell you there is nothing she loves more than pulling out her toy box and performing: For My Master.

French Maid

French Maid£9.99   £0.00


The French Maid did not realise the room was occupied, but when Miss Kitten SK offers her services, you will be saying: job well done in this hot eSb Audio Erotica experience.


JOI£9.99   £5.99

Miss Kitten Sk wants to lead you to pleasure in this new eSB Audio Erotica selection JOI. Listen carefully to her instructions and do exactly as she says, I promise if you follow along, it will bring you JOY!

Kiss of the Succubus

Kiss of the Succubus£6.99   £4.19

MS Kitten can be very demanding,  but in this incredibly hot eSb AudioErotica experience you will find yourself begging for more of her devilish attentions as you ask for the Kiss of the Succubus .


Leather£9.99   £5.99

Smell the rich Leather...feels so smooth against your skin in this exclusive eSb Audio Erotica experience for men. Miss KittenSK wants to wrap her gloved hand around you and give you all you need... and more!


Nurse!£9.99   £5.99


I promise, this won't hurt a bit...Miss Kitten SK is your own personal Nurse! in this Fantasy Sex for Men experience. She is going to sit at your bedside until that dose of testosterone takes effect and turns you both in to a super lover. "It is against the rules," she says, "but  maybe just this once...

Pool Party

Pool Party£9.99   £5.99


MissKittenSK is having a Pool Party and you are her very special guest. She has been waiting for you and in this steamy Impossible Lovers for Men experience and her patience is waning.  Just come here behind the pool house...

Student Councellor

Student Councellor£9.99   £5.99

Miss KittenSK wants to assist you with any problems you might have, just visit the Student Counselor for her own special brand of assistance. You'll love going to school in this sexy eSb Audio erotica Selection!


Take Me Now

Take Me Now£9.99   £5.99


Miss Kitten SK wants you. Wont you give her what she needs? Take me Now, she begs, in this eSb Audio Erotica  experience sure to make you say: 'Yes, Ma'am!'

The GF Experience

The GF Experience£9.99   £5.99

In this hot new eSb Audio Erotica experience Miss Kitten SK wants to be your special girl,  after all you are her special boy friend. In the GF Experience she will be everything you've always dreamed of and much more!

Worship You

Worship You£9.99   £5.99

Miss Kitten SK adores you. She wants nothing more than to please yiou in this intense eSb Audio Erotica experience. Lie back and relax, I want to Worship You...

Page 1 of 1:    12 Items
What/who inspired you to begin recording audio?  
I was looking for written erotica at Literotica, and didn't find exactly what I wanted.  Then I stumbled onto the audio board  - many of the artists recording then have gone on to other things, but Asian Princess was my favorite, and she inspired me to do my first one, and the fans response inspired me to do it again, and again, and again. 
How does your fan interaction effect your content?
When you've done as many audios as I have you get a feel for what your audience want, you get sent many ideas and scenarios that you can draw on and use, so they can affect it quite a lot, or at least to the extent they plant ideas.  Fans definitely affect my confidence in myself when I go and try and explore things a little out of my comfort zone or perceived niche. 
How much of you is  in your work?
Wow, that's a question and a half, but I would say - a lot.  Audio is a beautiful medium to safely explore thoughts and fantasies you may never get the chance to explore in real life, but in all of them I try and use experience to keep them believable and authentic!  
What would you like to say to your listeners for nominating You?  
I am eternally grateful to all my listeners, some of which have been with me for a very long time, those who continue to support me and enjoy the work I create for you - you mean the world to me, thank you so much!  
Sunday, 26 November 2017  |  Ruth

Absolutely better than most erotic audio that I have purchased. I really felt like I was there!

So.. f--i-ng.. good!
Thursday, 16 November 2017  |  Charles

This was such a fantastic experience! The blend of relaxation and heavy teasing lead to an amazing orgasm and a delicious afterglow. Highly recommend!