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Have you been a naughty girl? NotWhoRoseThinks has a reward just for you in this hot new eSb audio erotica selection for Spanksgiving. Don't worry in this Rewards Program you'll be happy to rack up the extra points!

A Little Appreciation

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Top Secret Audio is your Baby Girl in this Triple XXX Audio Erotica experience. She will just do anything for her 'Daddy'- Just let her show you A Little Appreciation !

A Little Lesson

A Little Lesson£9.99   £0.00

Top Secret Audio is your Baby Girl in this Triple XXX Audio Erotica experience. She will just do anything for her 'Daddy'- She just needs A Little Lesson.


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From the popular Black Knight Series. A sensational journey to the world of exquisite pain and pleasure. Essemoh puts you in to the heart of the story and the center of his Four Poster Bed in this Triple XXX Fantasy Sex for Women experience. Feel the silk wrapped around your wrists and ankles. You have no choice but to submit to his every desire. Go on, you know you want to...

From Black Knight 2: Four Poster Bed:"I should like to see your wrists in straps as are your ankles," he whispered and then nipped her earlobe.

His words had thrilled her. The thought of being unable to prevent anything being done to her, to be at the mercy of her lover had tightened her low down...

He reached into his jacket pocket and drew out some black silk ribbons. When I saw them, my still racing heart leapt in my chest. I hoped, I wished but I had to ask, "What are those for, ...John."

"Why to bind your wrists, my dear."

I couldn't help it; I moaned and felt a trickle between my legs as he tied the ribbons around my wrists securing them to the wooden arms of the dining chair. I tested them and the feeling of restraint made my juices flow even more.

"One more thing, my dear," he drew a silk scarf from his pocket and continued, "A blindfold is necessary."

This experience uses the Sensual Hypnosis technique of Directed Erotic Visualisation to take you into the heart of amazing erotic fantasy experiences.

Here are what some women say:

"I feel like I have just had hours and hours of wonderful sex."

"I think my husband would be weirdly jealous if he knew I listened to your recordings...they've really been sex-life changing for me. I take so long to get to that place where I'm ready to orgasm...relaxing [first] with your [audio files] does that for me, every time."

Narrated by Essemoh

For Adults Only: Sexually explicit language and audio imagery combined with guided suggestion.

Warning: Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while listening to this program and for half an hour afterwards

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