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Have you been a naughty girl? NotWhoRoseThinks has a reward just for you in this hot new eSb audio erotica selection for Spanksgiving. Don't worry in this Rewards Program you'll be happy to rack up the extra points!

A Little Appreciation

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Top Secret Audio is your Baby Girl in this Triple XXX Audio Erotica experience. She will just do anything for her 'Daddy'- Just let her show you A Little Appreciation !

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Top Secret Audio is your Baby Girl in this Triple XXX Audio Erotica experience. She will just do anything for her 'Daddy'- She just needs A Little Lesson.

Orgasm Surrender

Triple XXX
Orgasm Surrender
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Denial of OrgasmDenial of Orgasm
Taking Directions - Surrender and SubmissionTaking Directions - Surrender and Submission
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Duration: 20 Minutes

TripleXXX Audios give just a little more...

With 3D Holophonic Audio; enhancing your pleasure

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Sizzling hot!
Wednesday, 16 September 2015  | 

Wow! You almost wore me out, but I am working hard to recover--so I can do it all over again! Thank you X


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Narrated by Essemoh

Orgasm Surrender takes you on a journey into extreme orgasmic pleasure, a place of multiple climax and submission to an overwhelming, demanding lover. This experience makes use of the latest 3D holophonic recording techniques to bring you even closer to the action.
Listeners said this of Orgasm Command.

God, that was incredible. I've definitely needed that ;-) You're so wicked and amazing and just... yeah. Thank you. :-) shysubmissivegirl in US

Wow Purely amazing... I was were my I came so hard....I blacked out for a few'm still throbbing. Thank you. Anon in US.

Simply amazing I've been experiencing aftershocks all day...really appreciate how much love and respect you convey in your audio. Your voice and words made me feel beautiful and sexy - exactly what great sex should do!  Anon in US

Feel So Good At the end of this 19 minutes I knew what my nightly ritual would become - listen to this and come hard for Essemoh. And one more time...  Geekgirl in UK

Lie back and surrender to the inevitable. Edging and denial of immediate release takes you to where you are commanded to submit to intense multiple orgasms that take you over the edge The intensity of climax building on climax until you virtually explode with unbearable pleasure.

This erotic audio experience uses the Sensual Hypnosis technique of Directed Erotic Visualisation  to take you into a place of submission to a Dominant lover and deep satisfaction.

For Adults Only: Sexually explicit language and audio imagery combined with guided suggestion. 

Warning: Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while listening to this program and for half an hour afterwards.

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