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Pleasure Cruise

Pleasure Cruise£9.99   £0.00

In this Fantasy Sex for men experience sail away with Jezebel and enjoy luxuriously erotic sex on the ocean wave to the full.  Take a Pleasure Cruise and feel the motion as you  Experience the Fantasy.

The Bear

The Bear£9.99   £0.00

A classic digitally remastered Directed Erotic Visualisation experience. for gay/bi-curious men. Essemoh is a great bear of a man, strong and overwhelming, yet, sensitive and understanding. Let The Bear lead you through this sensual gay experience. The most listened to gay audio. Highly praised and recommended!

A Shocking Experience!

A Shocking Experience!£12.99   £2.60

A Shocking Experience. At 30 minutes long this experience crams in bondage, discipline, forced masturbation with fingers and toys, erotic electro-stimulation, oral sex, spanking and of course many, many orgasms. Looking for an intense experience? Essemoh is in top form in this TripleXXX experience for women.


The Original: Classic Directed Erotic Visualisation

The Original: Classic Directed Erotic Visualisation
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Bedroom CouplingBedroom Coupling
Impossible LoverImpossible Lover
Relax into PassionRelax into Passion

 Try Me

Duration: 18 Minutes

Audio Re-Mastered and edited for re release

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The Original: Directed Erotic Visualisation - erotic arousal and climax through words alone. This erotic audio experience was ground breaking, demonstrating that the listener could be talked into orgasm without any physical stimulation or the use of trance hypnosis. Originally posted on, the short audio proved to be a phenomena that attracted devotees from across the world. A digitally re mastered audio from an extended version of the first ever DEV audio erotic experience that is still being downloaded today and still delivering satisfaction. Your chance to try it for yourself.

In 2007 Essemoh Teepee (smotp) trialled the first experimental erotic audio to use a unique technique he named Directed Erotic Visualisation(c) or DEV(c) for short. The very first example was posted on and was limited for technical reasons, to just 9 minutes duration. Using a combination of directed visualisation - a form of meditation, hypnotic suggestion and erotic story telling in the rare second person narrative, it was an immediate success with nearly a quarter of a million downloads to date. Here are just a sample of some of the many reactions:

WOW!!! It was great. 12/13/07 By: Anonymous in USA. You do have a mesmerizing voice. It's sexy too. I can't wait for you to do some more... I do believe you are a "hit".

'My Weapon of Choice! 08/15/08 By: Anonymous in USA. I'm going off to college next year, and after a night staying up, studying, this will be my refresher---this is INCREDIBLE!!!!'

'I came Twice 03/25/09 By: Anonymous in USA.  Fuck, thank you small little orgasms racked through me um, was that hypnotism? I will definitely come back for more thank you so so so much.'

Fantastic work!  12/26/10 By: Anonymous  This piece is wonderful, I love your relaxing voice, extremely effective as it sounds as if you are laying down, very relaxed yourself…Great job, I'd love to hear more of these guided orgasm tracks from you!

This .mp3 file has been re-mastered and edited from the original digital recording of a specially extended version re recorded in 2009. Your chance to own and listen to a piece or erotica history.

Narrated by Essemoh

The Sensual Hypnosis technique of Directed Erotic Visualisation takes you right into the heart of amazingly real feeling erotic fantasy experiences.

What would it be like to have the sensations, experience the intense pleasure of being erotically aroused and brought to climax through the power of the spoken word alone? Directed Erotic Visualisation is designed to achieve just that in most cases

For Adults Only: Sexually explicit language and audio imagery combined with guided suggestion.

Warning: Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while listening to this program and for at least half an hour afterwards.

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