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Machine Sex

Machine Sex£12.99   £0.00

What would it be like to feel the sensations of the implacable pounding of a mechanical lover? Essemoh is going to allow you to find out in this extraordinary TripleXXX BDSM Experience for Women. Plug it in and turn up the dial, Machine Sex will go on and on and...



Memories of  Jezebel

Memories of Jezebel£9.99   £0.00

It is the morning after the night before. and Jezebel wants to remind you of just how incredible an Impossible lovers for Men experience can be. In case you weren't sure, Memories of Jezebel last forever.


Cwtch! - Original

Cwtch! - Original£9.99   £0.00

Pronounced 'Cutch' ('cwt' rhymes with put, 'ch' as in chicken). Relax and take Essemoh to bed with you tonight..
Snuggling and cuddling and loving and protecting and safeguarding and claiming, all rolled into one. It is this theme that flows throughout the ‘CWTCH!’ series of audio experiences. This is the much loved Original Classic relaxation audio.

Coffee, Tea or Me?

Coffee, Tea or Me?
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Good, but Missed Potential
Saturday, 1 July 2017  | 

I bought this for 3 reasons:

1. Essemoh is narrator

(I adore Essemoh as a speaker. He sounds quite a bit older (so if age is important to you, you may find that a bit distracting). However, he has a soft, comforting way of speaking and his background in erotic meditation/hypnosis is put to good use in getting listeners well in the mood for the scenario (and I won't lie, his accent is really quite nice). He's very personable in speaking and has a very gentle, teasingly playful way of interacting with his listener.)

2. The cafe setting and scenario sounded tempting

(coffee + seduction = yes, all of the YES!)

3. It was on sale for 1.90 GBP ($2.47) - normally this audio is 9.99 GBP or about $13.

So, with those 3 elements in the audio's favor, I took the plunge and added 'Coffee, Tea, or Me?/Coffeeshop Liaison' to my library.

Overall, I did enjoy the audio. The setting and the listener's place in it are very well established. Perhaps it's the writer in me, but I love the simple moment where the audio starts: you're sitting in a cafe, just daydreaming and people watching. It's a pleasing, relatable start and I appreciate things like that.

When Essemoh enters, he's immediately charming and seductive, taking a few tender, sensual actions to get things started. However, I do wish more had been done with this initial interaction. Now, of course, this comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer anonymity and the sex with a stranger crowd is for whom this audio was primarily made.

Still, I wish a bit more creativity, time, and energy had been put into the seduction to give a bit more on the lover's character and why there is such a strong, immediate draw. Again, this is just my personal preference.

Story wise, that's really my only complaint. After the initial meeting, it's a really fun, sexy time with Essemoh's typical good pacing and effective writing.

Outside of that, though, I find myself disappointed that the story listing did not come with a 'sample'/'try me' segment that lets you listen to a small portion of the audio before buying. I've found that many audios include this, but this and a few other do not. I took a risk on this audio because of the 3 reasons above, but at normal price, I would've been a great deal more hesitant to buy.

Furthermore, it should be noted that this audio is about 17 minutes normally for 9.99 GBP or $13. About 5 of those minutes are spent on an introduction and a mental preparation segment that Essemoh seems to include on many of his audios. This opening is a nice touch and puts you in the right state of mind for immersing you into the scenario. However, that means that the coffee shop story is really only about 12 minutes long.

I'm not super familiar with the erotic audio/story market and the appropriate pricing for these materials. I'm certainly no expert on the matter, but 9.99 GBP/$13 for 12 min of new material (if you've listened to Essemoh a lot before) seems a bit steep to me.

In summary, I think most people who buy this audio will enjoy it, particularly if they are a part of that previously mentioned 'you're hotter when I know nothing about you' group. However, I would recommend waiting until there's a sale or a promotion before taking a chance on this.

In the meantime, I'll stick to my Keurig machine.


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Thank you for your review.
We apologise that our older titles do not have samples but at 80% off many are willing to take the risk. DEV is more about quality than quatity and our audios vary in length from 15-45 minutes.
Esseoh is posting his blog this month about 'What price an Orgasm' which explans it more clearly. Enjoy,Coffee Shop Liason is one of our listener's favorites!

Essemoh shows up in a coffee shop and touches your hand.  What happens next  in this incredible Impossible Lovers for Women experience will have you wanting to revisit it again and again. Coffee, Tea or Me is a question you already know the answer to

You meet in your favourite coffee shop. He touches you, and then it all goes wrong - in such a right way!

You just can’t wait to experience the pleasure and the risk of discovery in a public place…17 unforgettable, uninhibited, erotic minutes that you just couldn't resist.

This is a Fantasy you will want to revisit. again and again.

Here is what some listeners have said:

“I cannot believe how many orgasms I just had! This is incredible. I am still shaking and can’t wait to do it again! Love it!”
“The voice, the exquisite story, the raw power of surrender. I have never experienced anything like this. I am hooked. Please do it again and again and…
"Usually, when I listen to these [audio stories] I fall asleep and nothing happens but with you I cum over and over again. "
"Mm your audios leave me breathless and trembling and I love how you add a little aftercare at the end of your audios, Sir. While I continue trembling and gasping from my orgasms I can still feel you soothing me and my body down from an intense high leaving goosebumps all over my body and my nipples hard and aching for more"

Narrated by Essemoh
Do not drive or operate dangerous machinery while listening to this audio or for at least 30 minutes after your experience.
For Adults Only: Sexually explicit language and audio imagery combined with guided suggestion.




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