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Captivating Research

Captivating Research
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This is a Full Length novel.

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In this exciting sequel to Practical Research, the unlikely trio of Bruna, Callista and their beloved Professor Anbarasan 'Anbu' Dahl, jet off to the exotic UAE.
A simple information gathering assignment for the esteemed ethnographer and his protégée turns deadly when miscommunication, power and greed collide to give the group much more than a sunny holiday abroad.
Arriving in Dubai, the consulate welcomes them with night of celebration at the palace, where they meet the 'bad boy of Oman,' Boulos y'arriba. Bruna and Callista end up left in the care of the power hungry Boulos and a beautiful flight attendant makes life difficult for Anbu ‘when all in a night's work’ involves some intense pleasure and a trip to the local jail. Lives are changed forever and trust soon becomes a wedge between the intimacy Callista and Anbu share.
When Callista is kidnapped, Anbu realises how much she means to him and is willing to do anything to get her back. Like Lawrence of Arabia, he tracks across the desert in search of his love, while Bruna enlists the aid of Callista's best friend Chad and his band of Special Forces angels to rescue her friend.
How will Anbu and Callista find the chance to make things right between them and live happily ever after? Will Anbu find Callista before it’s too late or will Chaddie's Angels swoop in and save the day? Can Callista find a way to use her new found sensuality to keep the wolves at bay or will she become another victim of the greed and lust of her captor? Adventure, intrigue, humour and sizzling sex combine to make this story of love and loss one you won’t want to put down.

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