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Must have for anyone with a crossdressing fantasy
Saturday, 8 July 2017  |  Anon

Grace goes from supportive partner to ravishing lover in this cross dressing fantasy romp. Very much targeted to guys that fantasize about sharing a love for lingerie with their lovers. If you are one of those guys, you are definitely in for a treat!

Makes one want to learn Welsh . . .
Sunday, 2 July 2017  |  Joanna

You cannot imagine my delight when I discovered that Cwtch was a category of erotic audios.
I had come across things like this before, but I had always thought they were just happy accidents due to a strange alignment of the stars that influenced the writer/speaker's creativity. But no, Cwtch is an actual thing.
This audio is purely focused on capturing that really sweet, tender moment of being held by a lover and emphasizing the care, love, safety, and appreciation radiated by that simple act.
This is a tough sensation to capture for several reasons, but this audio does an excellent job of relaxing you and making you feel loved and held.
Essemoh has a really great voice for this type of material. His voice is very soft and gentle while also maintaining a subtle control that makes you feel secure. His background in erotic meditation and hypnosis is put into play, but it's not overly distracting and doesn't pull you out of the scenario.
This is a great introduction to the Cwtch genre and will certainly have you craving more. It's perfect for when you're feeling a little lonely or a little "affection starved", but aren't quite in the mood for sheet tossing, sweaty back arching sex. It's very relaxing, but furthermore leaves you with a very sweet, warm feeling. It's really nice and may end up being my favorite type of audio.
If I do have anything negative to say about this audio, it's purely from a creative/preference based stand point and is more of a suggestion rather than pointing out an actual flaw. I won't dwell too much on it, but it would be nice if there were a bit more action in the course of the audio. For instance, describing both partners getting into bed, feeling the cool of the sheets and then the slow warmth as he slides his arms around your waist, etc. Again, this is preference and really, the audio is still very enjoyable on its own.
For newcomers to this category, it can seem a little strange since more often than not, Cwtch audios don't have any sort of goal to build up to. Usually, erotic audios build their stories and actions around the climax/the 'big' orgasm. Cwtch audios don't really have that (at least in my experience with them) so if this is your first, it may be good to keep that in mind. If there is a 'goal' here, it's very subtle and it's all about you reaching the height of being relaxed and loved.
I definitely recommend that you give Cwtch a try and this is a great one to start with. But as I said, prepare to immediately come back for the entire Cwtch series once you've heard this one. Cwtch is a feeling that's very difficult to stop craving.

Immersed in Grace's voice
Saturday, 1 July 2017  |  Wayne

Grace's smooth, sultry voice draws you in to the experience. The second sexbot experience definitely steps it up from the first round. Superb immersive experience.

The Honey Trap; Sexy, Seductive Spies

The Honey Trap; Sexy, Seductive Spies
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In Chinatown by Jay Lawrence, Dixon Frost of MI5 is following the luscious spy, Veronica Blow along the dangerous streets of Wartime London. As Dixon trails the gorgeous siren through Chinatown, he begins plotting more than simply arresting her for treason, but he underestimates the carnal power of her feminine wiles. An innocent Chinese meal becomes a game of sexual strategy - a game that both are determined to win...
Misha is searching for a mysterious master spy; he is watching to see who takes the bait in Double Oh by Mike Howard. A horny couple in the dimly lit streets of a city in the Balkans are getting it together, their rampant coupling a distraction to the spy catcher waiting for his target. Then they are in the telescopic sights of the assassin’s rifle. Will spilled blood join the other bodily fluids on the sidewalk?
For today’s corporate snake pit, getting an edge in the competition is all that counts. If you don’t have it, steal it from the other guy any way you can. In Maxwell’s Demon by Max Sandford a deliciously sensual woman is coolly professional in doing just what takes to get at some very valuable secrets. Her target doesn’t stand a chance but he’s not complaining.
Double Dare by Lily Gower is about a watcher, one of the invisible spies, observing an infidelity play itself out in the hotel across the street. A honey trap is being sprung in front of his eyes. A job description that focuses on pleasure first, may sound like a dream, but ‘all in a day’s work’ isn’t where this story ends. People work together every day, often thinking they know the one that sits beside them, but in this twisted tale, discovering the truth about others leads the watcher on a journey of self-discovery.
Set in a future world, Loyalty by Annabeth Leong has a corporate spy wearing a hi-tech disguise to seduce information out of the CEO of a prominent designer drug company. Unfortunately, the dossier she used to prep for the job failed to mention the target’s history with the man she's impersonating, and no outsider knows the true secret of the drugs the company sells.
The World Game by M. Christian has Andrea and Mitchell navigating the Cold War landscape of treachery and double agents, where any small mistake can mean torture and death. But, even among paranoia and cynicism, love can blossom. After a world spanning sexual seduction, Andrea is ready to defect: plans are made, actions set in motion - but the Great Game still has a few tricks up its sleeve...
In Spy School by Anandalila, Ana and Ian are the top contenders in the latest class of elite cadets in the governments ‘Undercover Intelligence Agent’ Training Program. Their last assignment before graduation pits the best of the best against each other in a sexy game of seduction. Find out who wins and who snoozes in this unconventional tale of lady luck.
The way Nancy tells it, in The Love Who Spied Me by M. Howard, when Sven came in from the cold (and the dreary overcast drizzle) he was still hot stuff – and about to get hotter. A resourceful, suave and sophisticated old school spy, Sven turns out not to be the love ‘em and leave ‘em guy you might expect.
MI5 are under pressure in OHMS by Essemoh Teepee, too many threats and too few resources. Emma is fresh from training and untried but is sent out to infiltrate an apparently low level threat, a gang of human traffickers. When Emma meets Khebat, the gang leader, she discovers her own true nature and there is a terrible price to be paid.
Will the fear of being stung in A Taste of Honey by Moses Emary, prevent Peterson from fulfilling his mission? A game of cat and mouse across New York City fuels his desire. Then an opportunity presents itself and he must decide if risking his job and quite possibly his life is worth one sweet taste of Honey.
These ten stories from some of the best authors around are all about sexy, seductive spies and hot, steamy sex, so put on your best disguise and walk with us into the Honey Trap.

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