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Dirty Cop

Dirty Cop£9.99   £0.00

Do you know how fast you were going? You have been a very naughty girl and Officer Gael is going to have to take you in hand and mouth and...getting pulled over has never been so hot!  This eSb Audio Erotica experience will have you driving headlong into pleasure!

BackSeat Driver

BackSeat Driver£9.99

Close your eyes and remember a time when sex was new and your passion was intense. Jezebel wants to show you that some girls really did want it just as much as you did in this Blast from the Past. This  Impossible Lovers for Men experience will have you going all the way! 

Can't Resist

Can't Resist£9.99

A public bath and a dashing stranger. Will you live with regret once again or will you find you Can't Resist and allow Essemoh to lead you down the path to pleasure in this illicit Impossible Gay Lovers experience.



Second chances are few and far between, so, when you see HIM in the that hotel lobby, a thrill races down your spine. Essemoh is hard to say no to and in this Impossible Lovers for Women exerience, you will finally have the opportunity to experience the One Who Got Away!

Slumber Party

Slumber Party£9.99

Remember the first time a girl made a pass at you? Maybe it is all fun and games, practice for when the boys come along, or maybe, it is so much more. Jezebel is coming for a Slumber Party and she wants to show you just how pleasurable another woman's touch can be in this Impossible Lesbian Lovers experience. A perfect  starter audio  for the curious woman to explore .

All Yours

All Yours£6.99   £0.00

Top Secret Audio wants to offer you all of her delectable charms, especially her best asset in this eSb Audio Erotica experience. Take it, she is All Yours!

Frantic and Dirty

Frantic and Dirty£9.99

Sometimes you need it and you need it now. Gaelforce is right beside you, whispering in your ear, as he gives you all you need and so much more in this  Frantic and Dirty experience from the eSb Audio Erotica collection.

Primal Moans

Primal Moans£0.00

Sometimes words are not necessary. In this incredibly hot eSb Audio Erotica experience Gaelforce is speechless-- he is much too busy moaning with pleasure and you will soon be moaning, too as his sexy sounds carry you away to bliss.

Oh, Him!
Monday, 16 January 2017  |  AV

The new audio HIM is a sexy opportunity to imagine a missed opportunity to hit the sheets with a long lost friend. Lusty and warm. Not one to be missed. I listened to it several times the first day I had it.

Frantic, Dirty, and Fun
Monday, 16 January 2017  |  Ladygray

You haven't had an erotic experience until you've listened to this sexy Irishman talk dirty to you. This one is hot and fast and dirty. Ohhh so deliciously dirty! Let yourself get lost in his voice, follow his commands, and experience the full force of Gaelforce.